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How you let go of destructive patterns and strengthen your natural and positive power.

Who lives inside of you? What percentage of your actions actually express your self? These questions come to my mind again and again when I witness LEADERSHIP processes of others and also when I look at myself. Which part of my behavior really shows myself, my own power? Basically it is very easy to recognize the extent of your self. It is the results of your actions that express you.

In the course of my development I have already become very visible. I leave traces, which represent the result of my true nature. My company and the choice of my interpersonal relationships express my inner attitude. A lot of beautiful things develop around me. I have developed this state, because it is not easy to live one’s own life. I looked behind my scenes and tidied up.

Learning to understand the other in you.

Many people, as well as you yourself, want to achieve something, but something always turns upside down, screws up the productivity that actually wants to be and triggers an annoyance in you that keeps other people at a distance.

In this case, it’s worth taking a look behind the scenes. This something is not yourself, but an unconsciously lived old information. The degree of your unproductiveness shows this other. The way in which you stand in your own way tells you who lives in you. The more you are blocked, the more the old information lives and influences your actions. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Therefore it needs your awareness and knowledge that it is not necessary to live unhappy, angry, oppressed and inhibited.

Good against evil.

Why can’t you just jump over your inner, negative something, i.e. pattern, or put a good force against the blockade and end the blockages? The answer is simple.

First, the strongest information attracts your attention and if you live this other, then you serve it and make it something strong. You give that something your strength. This suppresses your positive counterforce.

On the other hand, you can use the existence of your counterforce to permanently slow down the other, the old in you. Just sit down and look at the positive power that dwells in you.

How to grow a positive counterforce.

What makes you special, despite all the blockages? What kind of nature does your special thing have? Dealing with these LEADERSHIP questions is the fertilizer for your positive counter strength.

If you become aware of this speciality of yours, if you can depict it inwardly, you have the counterforce which ultimately gets you out of your unconscious serving of the other negative aspect.

This gives you an antidote which you may not yet be able to live with, but which you can make increasingly visible. Until your natural, positive power is strong enough to form a counterforce to your destructive pattern.

Means of visualization helps to increase your natural power.

Pretend that the positive in you, as well as the negative and blocking, is something independent; something that has a life of its own. Paint a figure out of it in your mind. Then you will know what powers you are dealing with. You discover your unconscious. It will most likely be easier for you to visualize the negative.

The picture for your positive power builds up with the occupation of your strength as soon as you start to lead your negative part. You may already recognize historical family events that played a role in your family during the process of observation. For example the grandfather, who, with his authority, kept everything in check, even though he was a nice guy on the outside. Surely you will find parallels to other family members.

I wish you a lot of fun with the awareness of your inner enemy and the development of your natural strength.

Yours Anke Sommer


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