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When Entrepreneur Coaching and Leadership Development come together with relaxation and enjoyment.

Entrepreneur Coaching isn’t just an occasional and effective event in the office, or a powered-up, two-day session in the seminar room: Entrepreneur Coaching can also take a different shape, for example in the form of a short time-out. No, I’m not talking about a simple escape from day-to-day life or a retreat in the general sense of the word.

I’m talking instead about a unique coaching trip that encourages participants to take responsibility for their own care, reduces pressure and at the same time works to remove those stubborn sticking points that repeatedly show up as blockades and hurdles in everyday work life.

INSTITUT SOMMERINSTITUT SOMMER is not only the name of our company, but also the expression of the approach we take towards the requests we receive. Read more here.... Read more spent the last week in September in beautiful Italy, or more specifically Tuscany. It was the second Coaching Trip in 2019 and the aim was to gather deep insights into LEADERSHIP Cuisine.

Entrepreneurs and people in positions of responsibility, all with the common denominator of being interested in development, came together for seven days to learn how to best fortify themselves for their daily challenges and to actively support their bodies with nutritious food. After all, it’s only those entrepreneurs and managers who are in good shape who are sufficiently primed to deal with the above-average stress levels in their positions.

Work round mental blocks and reach the workings of the subconscious in everyday life.

The special thing about this trip was that the participants came to understand how, when and why their own process resurfaces every day of their life as a success-inhibiting adversary – and the negative impacts such circumstances have on their body.

Using LEADERSHIP Cuisine developed by Anke Sommer, participants learned to protect and balance themselves and their bodies, and to maintain their performance potential. This happens by taking into account, when preparing and consuming the LEADERSHIP Dishes, the sensitivities of a stressed body that’s ultimately reacting to our subconscious – i.e. non-governable – negative behaviour.

So, through LEADERSHIP Cuisine, we now supported a transition to positivity in another area, i.e. the body. The benefits of this Entrepreneur Coaching may not have been understood immediately by the mind alone.

However, the entire system – body, mind and feelings – took a big step forward and the space for (even) more success, motivation and interpersonal skills, as well as joie de vivre and interpersonal ‘closeness’, could be opened up further.

Personality Development food? Yes, indeed! How Entrepreneur Coaching functions in accordance with Anke Sommer’s LEADERSHIP approach.

In addition to professional challenges, LEADERSHIP Cuisine also addresses some deeper human issues. This is the point where Anke Sommer’s LEADERSHIP Work comes into play, taking the body’s essentially individual sensitivities and needs into account.

Anyone who’s already come into contact with the LEADERSHIP Work, or is even treading the responsibility-oriented path of LEADERSHIP Development, knows the following:

  • Every personal experience is also reflected in the body, causing it heavy stress.
  • Gradually over time, the body (and thus also the person in it) becomes weaker if this experience isn’t taken up or processed.
  • The later in life these themes are taken up, the more the negative impacts – including at the somatic level – will have increased.

LEADERSHIP Cuisine willingly addresses these circumstances, particularly because such deep themes make no exceptions when it comes to everyday life. As soon as the latter becomes stressful and pressure increases, one’s own process becomes intermingled in one’s own thoughts and actions. This in turn results in an even heavier burden on the body. The loss of power that ensues automatically reduces one’s performance and resistance potential. The longer this condition is ignored, the more likely the occurrence of burn-out or other persistent physical complaints. It turns into a downward spiral.

What the entrepreneurs and managers on this Coaching Trip have understood is this: “The aspects of my everyday life have an impact on my body. This is precisely why I also need them within the context of the LEADERSHIP Trip: in order to recognise their impact on the way I deal with my body.“

This is why, during this trip, the focus was on LEADERSHIP Nutrition, as a counterbalance to lifestyle strains in everyday life. LEADERSHIP Cuisine is adapted to participants’ own negative behaviours and balances out this negativity. Since we’re not in a position to change these behaviours so easily, as they’re subconscious and not immediately accessible to the mind, what’s needed to effect change is a process to increase awareness.

Slow Food is soul food is process food

LEADERSHIP Cuisine has the deeper purpose of bringing about process-oriented balance in the body, particularly because stress, time pressure and conflicts in everyday work life lead quickly to disharmony in the body.

This is why the biggest focus in the LEADERSHIP Cuisine programme is on the pancreas, and on stabilising, protecting and strengthening its role in the metabolic process. Tuscany was exactly the right place for this aspect of inner deceleration and regeneration, as here is where the Slow Food movement began.

Under Anke Sommer’s guidance, entrepreneurs and employed people in positions of responsibility learnt about the unusual, but thus all the more effective and delicious, combination possibilities available in LEADERSHIP Cuisine.

Each dish, each ingredient had a specific purpose. Even the sequence in which the food was eaten supported the deeper intentions of the LEADERSHIP Cuisine programme: gently strengthening and activating participants, or regulating or purifying surplus energy.

What was astonishing and wonderful was also the fact that a particular dish had a different impact on different people. The impact was exactly what this person needed at that moment to achieve balance.

A healthy, individual and special boost.​

LEADERSHIP Cuisine not only focuses generally on ensuring a vital, nutritious diet by choosing regional and original forms of food: it takes particular account of individual sensitivities by preparing and combining the same ingredient in very different ways.

Everyone needs different LEADERSHIP Dishes. Sometimes the food is cooked, sometimes it’s steamed, grilled or served raw – enhanced with different herbs, cheeses and varieties of honey.

How food is enjoyed is determined on the one hand by the professional demands being made on entrepreneurs and managers, and on the other hand by the choice of food and its preparation being made in accordance with one’s physical constitution and the stress occasioned by an unmindful approach to dealing with these demands.

Less is more.

Although there were 14 of us – 11 participants, 2 interns and the owner of the institute –, and suitable amounts of food were prepared, it immediately became clear that the portions for the mostly three-course meals didn’t need to be big in order to satisfy our appetites. The menu compositions were selected to provide for the body in an optimal way, so that it no longer required more. 

By contrast, in many people’s everyday lives, hustle, bustle and stress are often coupled with a need for convenience and a lack of time, leading to a reduction in the intake of healthy food. People often don’t even know what constitutes nutritious food. 

This is why most people are eating too much of the wrong thing. The body isn’t getting what it needs and sends regular hunger messages, responded to with more of the ‘wrong’ foodstuffs. At some point, the message peters out. 

Wellbeing is half the battle – pleasure on the inside and out.

We stayed in a typical Tuscan country house in Chiusi, surrounded by vineyards and blossoming rosemary and sage bushes, and pomegranate and fig trees. Alongside aloe vera, rose bushes and cypresses, these are just a few of the plants that made the wonderfully beautiful garden area so special.

The morning view of the mist-covered mountains of the Italian countryside, and the greenery still visible in this season of the year, gave all the participants a rapid recuperative and regenerative boost.

In addition to the priority of loving self-care, our wellbeing programme also involved an exploration of the environs and countryside. Excursions to neighbouring towns such as Chiusi itself, Perugia, Montepulciano and Siena provided us with inspiration, worthwhile impressions and a feeling of cultural satiation. These excursions also allowed us to purchase additional ingredients for the incredibly diverse LEADERSHIP Cuisine.

Immersing oneself in the Italian way of life was another part of self-care and the Entrepreneurial Coaching. It wasn’t just the body that was nourished but the heart and mind, too. Perception increased; learning about oneself became more profound.

Relaxation enhances receptivity and cognisance. The pace of LEADERSHIP Development quickens.

An overall delightful, instructive and intensive atmosphere emerged that, on the one hand, boosted relaxation and, on the other hand, addressed a key LEADERSHIP aspect: in addition to company or workplace management, personal LEADERSHIP also involves, first and foremost, self-management.

LEADERSHIP à la Anke Sommer ultimately also means that it is only when you can manage yourself properly that you can also manage your environment, your company and your employees properly. This means that it’s essential for entrepreneurs and all those in managerial positions and positions of responsibility to take care of their physical and mental health, too.

Coaching for entrepreneurs: real change with no place for denial to hide.

A LEADERSHIP Workshop is exceptionally well suited to promoting one’s own managerial skills in a targeted way in a particular focus area. A LEADERSHIP Trip offers the best opportunities for discovering the biggest barriers to success lurking inside you and how they reveal themselves as minute features of your everyday work life.

Getting down to the business of development work started early, with the phase of preparing the LEADERSHIP Dishes. The subtle correlations between the individual ingredients and the preparation of the individual dishes were thus explained to participants. Entrepreneurs and managers learnt how they could strengthen and reinforce themselves vis-à-vis their respective situations.

In addition, during the day and the evenings together we immersed ourselves deeply in development work and thus used the week both intensively and efficiently to address subconscious aspects as well as to learn via a process of mutually mirroring each other. All the findings were transferred to participants’ individual work situations and taken into account in the preparation of additional LEADERSHIP Meals.

What are the benefits of a LEADERSHIP Trip and the associated Entrepreneur Coaching?
  • A growing, deepening awareness of oneself and one’s environment.
  • Recognition of underlying experiences that subconsciously steer one’s actions.
  • But also the discovery and release of learned but (self-)harmful patterns, and
  • The re-learning of things that do one good and promote the positive side of one’s character.
  • And – last but not least – knowledge of LEADERSHIP Cuisine, specific, individual dishes that re-balance the body in everyday stress situations by feeding it the right ingredients.

This doesn’t only sound challenging to put into practice; it does indeed require a real readiness to open up and assume responsibility, and this not just once but time and again.

It’s a responsibility that you take on to its full extent for yourself and for positivity, for what is vital and warm-hearted in the world. It isn’t for nothing that LEADERSHIP Coaching attracts people who, whether they realise it or not, are able to shoulder a lot of responsibility and change things for the better for the long term.

LEADERSHIP Cuisine and its nutritional benefits didn’t end with the Entrepreneur Coaching week in Tuscany, as recipes and preparation methods for later use were noted during and also after the trip.

  • To counter the ‘don’t have the time’ excuse in everyday life, participants wrote down a long list of dishes that take five minutes to prepare and meet the criteria of LEADERSHIP Cuisine.
  • Each participant could also enjoy the entire list of recipes that we prepared during our time in Tuscany.
  • As a special bonus, each participant also received a personalised list of the foodstuffs that quickly restore an effective internal balance during times of stress.

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