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Was eigentlich ist eine Erfolgsgemeinschaft? Das Prinzip gegenseitig förderlicher Synergien. Neugierig?

An An article by Anke Sommer

On the trail of success communities

What exactly are success communities? A success community is in the first instance only a model that offers information about achievement via mutual support. How that support happens is irrelevant. Take a look at your everyday procedures. Which services support your everyday activities? Do you take the pressure off each morning with a croissant and a coffee from the Italian place next door? What about lunchtimes? Do you go to a fancy restaurant that always manages to make you feel good by conjuring up a bit of holiday atmosphere in your everyday life? Do you have co-operation partners you can rely on whatever the situation? Is there a good graphic artist in your team who understands exactly how your service can be authentically portrayed? Do you know a great place to contact if you’re currently unable to take your dog for a walk? And do your children have a healthy and functional social network? If you can answer all these questions with yes then not only do you know what a success community is, you’re already living out the principle of mutually supportive synergies.

If you want to find out more, then our Outdoor Facilitation adventure from our Leadership Coaching series may be of interest to you. In outdoor activities, you discover and develop your own leadership principle, live out the principles of the success community, identify and create synergies, develop systemic coaching principles and carry out role work.

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