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How to overcome Christmas stress and start enjoying the Christmas season all over again.

How Christmas lost its shine and how you bring it back.

In the Christmas season it’s long nights and short days, it’s stretching your cold nose into the wind and feeling wrapped in warmth and cosiness.

Enjoy hot cocoa with cream and take long walks, bite hungry into a bread thickly coated with butter and honey, listen to classical, jazzy and bluesy sounds and read your favourite book.

The short days invite you to relax and recharge your heart with a lot of warmth. It’s time to calm down and gather strength for the coming year.

For that you do not need to submit a holiday. You can go to work and enjoy the Christmas season. Also you can lovingly design your table or room, light a candle, even at work. Moreover you can give your attention if your heart feels like doing so.

Why Christmas lost its shine.

There are high expectations that are placed on the feast of love. “You should give presents to all your loved ones and make them happy.” Of course it must be the right thing you give to them.

It should be the feast of love and of course no Christmas goose should be absent or the deputy vegan delicacy. You don’t have to think about the birth of Christ anymore, but you are welcome to do so.

But then it has to be with deep fervor and also with a bad conscience, because otherwise you won’t do it anymore, thinking of Christ. Christmas combines with feelings of guilt, demands and a perfection that is highly hung up.

The heart, what it is essentially about, sadly looks around the corner. When you become aware of this absurd situation, you begin to give the Christmas season back its splendour.

Your heart deserved Christmas.

Why don’t you turn the perspective around? Christmas time belongs to your heart. If the days become shorter it’s heart time. Follow your heart, then indulge in the warm, flickering candlelight.

You enjoy juicy marzipan with honey and treat yourself to a thick piece of sugary and buttery cake. Pour cardamom, a piece of ginger, a cinnamon and vanilla stick and a dash of rapeseed honey with hot water. And use the cold days to eat more nutritious food because your body now has an increased need of vitamins and minerals.

You wrap yourself in a woollen blanket and put your legs up, wander through shops and see if something falls into your lap that someone could be happy about. In the evening you fall asleep at a film or design concepts for your Christmas tree. Or you can just pull yourself out of all the hustle and bustle and take your time with yourself.

Do hot foot baths with good oils, take a milk bath and smell the fir oil. Christmas provides the framework and you fill the picture with moments of happiness. Doing so is a gift to your heart. It will thank you. No work, no everyday life should keep you away from that.

Dedicate Christmas to your heart.

Your Anke Sommer wishes you lots of fun and enjoyment at Christmas time!


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