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When it comes to proximity, community and enjoyment, the stomach is your organ. In contrast to other organs, the stomach does not show itself directly when something goes wrong. Read here which organs report instead and how you can react earlier.

An article by Anke Sommer

The stomach stands for community, for closeness, contact, solidarity and enjoyment. Why don’t you give it a try and turn these words around in their meaning? Already you recognize the Achilles heel of this organ.

If your stomach rebels, you have a theme of community, closeness, contact, connectedness and enjoyment. You have difficulty tolerating food. There are now two possibilities for you.

One is, you will get sick at some point – then please go to the doctor and heal the disease together with him.

The other is: You look in advance what your stomach wants to tell you as soon as it turns to you with its sensitivity and you listen to it absolutely.

How’s your stomach showing? How does it start talking to you?

You can tell that something is wrong in the stomach by a sporadic acid reflux. If it occurs only once, it is due to something else. If it occurs repeatedly, the presumption becomes more condensed: here the stomach speaks.

At the beginning you notice a dull feeling that the saliva tastes like metal, that there is a feeling of a hole where the stomach is – as if nothing were there. When the signal is there, the appetite will be partially lost.

Another signal is when you have cold hands – so-called frog hands: wet and cold. Then the saliva becomes more viscous and you start to hear it swallowing. It begins to smell from the mouth…

And yet at this advanced stage there is no pain to be felt. Here, however, the other organs also begin to react because the stomach is part of the centre.

Your stomach is the center of your body. If you ignore it, a chain reaction occurs.

If you don’t listen to the stomach – i.e. don’t understand its language – your intestines will usually respond. The existing problem slides one floor down. Now you have intestinal problems.

If you don’t listen here either, your lumbar vertebrae will report. It stiffens more and more. Your stomach stretches forward, your shoulders hang forward, pressed down. Your chest disappears backwards. You run around a little bent. This will cause further problems.

Now it is the ball of your foot that wants to draw your attention to the problems in the stomach area. It will report by gently itching. He usually does this at night. All these are signs that your stomach is not well.

Your stomach needs closeness, security and must recognize that master or mistress still have the will to go forward. If your stomach notices that its owner rather has a tendency to retreat, then he says to himself: “I am not a hero”.

Your stomach is imitating the retreat and is becoming more sensitive. The longer this condition persists, the more shy your stomach will become.

What happens if your ‘body center’ still gets no attention?

If all showing has brought nothing so far, your skin speaks up and asks itself: What’s going on with our dear centre? Your skin reacts nervously, with redness and rashes.

If that doesn’t help to shake you up either, your nerves will speak up. By pointing, pricking and twitching – quite popular in the neck region.

Then the master or mistress has so much to do with the rest of the body that he or she no longer even thinks that the stomach is the cause of the spectacle.

At this point at the latest, you should begin the turnaround – with kettledrums and trumpets. This means that your master or mistress must urgently step forward again, into life.

Your posture shows how your stomach is doing.

Have the courage to make contact with other people. Trust yourself, then dare the contact to the outside. If the outside should be unjust and hurtful, the following applies: manage to remain true to yourself and give care.

With this awareness, teach your stomach that it is not as sensitive as it thinks. Above all, you show him that you have taken responsibility for yourself again and that he can relax.

Lack of contact develops in the head and appears in the stomach.

Your posture only worsens the problem, as your stomach receives the signal, you withdraw. For your stomach this is a signal, away from life, into pain. Loneliness closes in the long run. Also your stomach.

Slowly reduce the light food, because it only protects the recognition of your true conflict. You are afraid of injury.

Straighten up and stretch out the inwardly sunken body region again. So lower abdomen in and chest out.

Your time for enjoyment is your time for life.

Now you are certainly wondering how you can lure your shy stomach back into life. Enjoy it, because sooner or later, renunciation and control will kill every pleasure.

Prepare boiled potatoes with finely chopped parsley and add a little sesame oil.

Your stomach loves warm food. He avoids alcohol, but enjoys the thick juice of passion fruit, guava, the delicate and clear juice of quince mixed with apple juice and isotonic drinks. These strengthen it.

Also recommendable are any green, steamed vegetables, with a hint of hard cheese like parmesan or lighthouse cheese. Especially the salt crystals in the middle of the cheese, created by the long storage period, he literally absorbs.

Fresh figs and the combination of fine sweetness with tangy vegetables such as Brussels sprouts and chicory is advisable. Another dish is sweet carrots with clarified butter and mashed potatoes. Zucchini boats filled with a nut sauce, mixed with cream cheese, dates and figs.

I wish you a good appetite and recommend the organ articles about the lungs and the heart as dessert reading.

Yours, Anke Sommer


Translation: Institut Sommer

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