The classification of people into concepts of type is a basic part of human thinking. The Mother archetype is one of the typological orientations and is mentioned in the Enneagram (ancient Greek for ‘something written’). Mother archetypes create space to grow and flourish. They are wise and their thoughts are often found in research and literature. Mothers are progressive thinkers and when they are thinking from the heart, their link to the circle, then they grow beyond themselves. Leadership tasks also suit them. The dark side of Mother archetypes is their way of approaching relationships. Relationships quickly turn into a duty and in a non-developed state Mother archetypes remind one of this in that they demand and force relationships and create dependencies. They are not conscious of doing this. If Mothers fail to reach into their hearts, a doorway to the warrior archetype opens up. They fight and ultimately burn out in battle if they fail to find the right path into their true competence, their big hearts full of love and giving. In its developed state, the Mother archetype is the link to the divine nature. More in-depth information about the archetypes is provided in the LEADERSHIP Workshop ‘Recognising and Practising Leadership Types’.