BurnoutA Burnout can lead to a life-threatening situation, as the mind and all the organs are deprived of their necessary downtime.... Read more is the condition that occurs if the persistent absence of regeneration leads to a loss of regeneration ability. A person in the state of burnout is no longer capable of anything – not even recuperation. It gradually leads him or her closer to exhaustion until nothing more is possible. People in the state of burnout appear completely spent. Prevention means taking precautions to avoid a particular state occurring. Burnout prevention begins by creating awareness of the processes in us that emerge if we permanently go beyond our own limits. The process resulting in burnout is in any case insidious and in the end can only be stopped by ourselves. This is why we need to be aware of our overtiredness signals. We need the ability to say no at the right moments as well as the knowledge that no company or activity has the right to drive us to a state of burnout, unless we give this institution this power. Ultimately, prevention involves understanding that anyone can suffer burnout and that enduring one burnout is no protection against another.