The following (conflict) conformities are in the nature of conflicts and apply to anyone who gets caught up in a dispute.

  1. Being personally affected makes you blind, regardless of intelligence, status and academic level. Awareness helps to reduce affectedness
  2. Being personally affected reduces confidence in your own actions and suppresses a rational approach
  3. Disruptions caused by conflicts absorb strength and thus reduce the performance of the company, business, department, etc. in every case
  4. Conflicts have a cycle of approximately 7 weeks, after which time non-defused conflicts redevelop but often under a new guise
  5. Disruptions don’t resolve themselves: they need to be cleared

These conflict conformities need to be as familiar at the staff level of a company as among team leaders. Working together with staff and management, INSTITUT SOMMERINSTITUT SOMMER is not only the name of our company, but also the expression of the approach we take towards the requests we receive. Read more here.... Read more develops concepts that are also shared during team leader support sessions. Appropriate conflict interventions are drawn up as part of these concepts.