Life Coaching is the term applied to a trust-based coaching process between coach and coachee, covering life as a whole. It is often understood to entail training and intensive learning; however the coach sees him/herself not as a trainer or crammer but rather as a facilitator and promoter of solution-oriented and harmonious ways of living. Life coaching supports the process that the client is involved in. It focuses not so much on reaching goals as on enabling the finding of answers to everyday issues, working towards a holistic, healthy lifestyle. It looks for ways of escaping the personal stress cycle. Life coaching aims for a change in the coachee’s personal viewpoint and looks for possible solutions when they don’t seem to exist. These potential solutions are worked out in collaboration with the coachee; generally, the coach doesn’t provide solutions. Life coaching elements are also often included in coaching processes in companies, corporations and other business forms: whenever stress, pressure and all kinds of power struggles have attacked someone’s personal balance. The aim is to lead the coachees back to their personal centre, thus regaining their balance.