The idea behind the term ‘stress balance’ is to restore the balance in relation to stress. This balance restores itself in a natural way, but if we don’t give our bodies time to do this themselves then we gradually move into the stress zone. Some of the consequences include hormone emissions, disturbed sleep and lack of oxygen – but the long-term damage is greater. The body and the systems in which we are involved become damaged. People close to us are also influenced, because stress is catching. Balance cannot be achieved without the centre. Our centre, that is, everything that comprises our feelings, is our stability. Gut feelings, our intuition, our impulses – all these are part of our centre. If these feelings are overloaded or repressed, we deprive ourselves of our balance and wipe out the inner control that we need in order to remain healthy in the long term. In the Stress Balance LEADERSHIP Coaching workshop we explore the system behind the stress and address the issues at the roots, applying a lever that can paralyse the automatic reaction process. The more deeply we live in the stress zone, the more we operate rationally. That means that we no longer make decisions based on feeling but primarily at the cognitive level, through our mind. Opening up to the emotional level restores access to our own centre.