Animals react to the condition hidden deep inside us; to illnesses that are in us but that we are not yet aware of; to subconscious hurts that are usually far in the past; and to fear, dread and insecurities. This is because animals have a very strong survival instinct. In the animal world, weaknesses that endanger the survival of the whole group are immediately recognised and isolated. This happens in every herd and every pack, because it is essential to survival in the natural environment. We can learn and benefit from this essential survival tactic. If we want to use animals as a mirror, we must first recognise that they see our fear and dread, our unresolved ‘psychic’ wounds and our latent illnesses as endangering their safety. If we transfer this danger that animals perceive to our human and bodily system, we suddenly gain a completely new insight into our personality. If we see an animal’s reaction to us not as rejection but as a sign that something is wrong with us, we gain the opportunity to look into the mirror of our own consciousness. We can look directly into our subconscious. The work with animals leads directly to the informational value of the signals we transmit. In the LEADERSHIP Workshop with Animals you get to know this communication with animals such as dogs, horses and ponies, and learn to use it for your personal recognition process.