Leadership Coaching Workshop 02
Leadership Principle:

follow the body

Body Signal WorkAnke Sommer, inventor of body signal work, supports you in becoming aware of the messages of your body and in understanding them coherently.... Read more (Körpersignalarbeit©) is Anke Sommer’s passion. She has developed the method and uses it for process-oriented work in companies and in working with all kinds of people with leadership responsibility. Now the time has come once more: the Body SignalsBody signals are cues that are given on the level of physical awareness. A distinction is made between root signals and follow-up signals.... Read more adventure is ready to go, waiting to be researched, tested and experienced. This workshop takes place every two years.

Body Signals Work – develop an understanding of signals

Signals play an important part in all our lives. We react strongly to signals from people we talk to, though we’re not usually aware of doing so. If our way of life generates a malfunction in our body, the body shows this as a chain of signals. The more we go under in the daily grind, the more we close ourselves off to this level. In order to recognise body signals, we first need to open up our perception. The signals revealed in Body Signal Work (Körpersignalarbeit©) according to Anke Sommer have nothing to do with illness. Nor do they serve a diagnostic function. On the contrary, they are indicators of internal body processes and reactions that occur in response to tangible and intangible external influences. Signals are the way the body’s memories express themselves. The workshop helps us to develop our understanding of these signals.


Gaining awareness of your own body signals

Developing a conscious way of dealing with your personal signals and those of others

Learning to understand the consequences of ignoring signals

Developing sensitivity to signal groups

Transferring these insights to your own current private and professional situation

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