Leadership Coaching Workshop 11

Certification as a Coach

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Qualification process to become a coach

The exam rounds off the LEADERSHIP Development programme that you as a manager have completed. The certification programme supports you in your transition to practising your own expertise. An individual examination enables you to integrate this qualification into your professional life. The final coaching qualification ensures the professionalisation of your advisory activities within your field of responsibility.

You can take the coach certification examination within your specialist field at the earliest after completing the full cycle of ten workshops. Candidates are required to have completed their own self-leadership process and ideally mastered their own individual core process. Only limited certification will be available if these requirements haven’t yet been met.

Depending on how you wish to develop, the examination will be held later in the continuing workshop cycles. The examinations take place throughout the year. Many participants decide to extend the workshop cycle and only then to take the examination.

Certification Part 1

The first certification phase links your personal experience with the theory behind it. It gives your future individual expert status a foundation that can be integrated into your previous professional career. Possible areas of specialisation include fields within organisational and change theories, process and systems work, leadership work, development theories and psychological, philosophical and sociological viewpoints. Your own area of expertise and the certification field are selected, deepened and presented in a group process.

Certification Part 2

The second certification phase reinforces the specialisation process, creates the backgrounds for action, and brings it all together in a useful framework for the future application of your knowledge. You can now take the theoretical and practical examination in your personal specialist field.

Examination requirements

Examination modules 1 and 2 take place within the group, from 6 people upwards. The exam will take place on Friday and Saturday. If at least 4 people register, the Friday examination day is cancelled at no cost reduction for participants and the exam will only take place on Saturday. If the number of people registered is less than 4 then registration is postponed to the next scheduled date.