Leadership Coaching Workshop 06
Leadership Principle:

Living out your own core skills.

Finding your calling: what is the difference between someone who is true to themselves and someone who would like to be, but can’t? Satisfaction.

This LEADERSHIP Coaching workshop focuses on becoming aware of and utilising your greatest but least conspicuous skill. This skill is your deepest talent that you have had since you were a child, an ability that you are deeply familiar with, but not conscious of.

The aim of this workshop is to work on uncovering and making you aware of this ability that turns our work into a calling.

Among the nine personality types, there are three groups that automatically create a link to things that the majority of people cannot grasp. These three groups sense everything that is not visible. Their superordinate task is to make this information available to everyone else, but that only works when these people know and make use of their deepest talent.

The other six groups possess abilities that comprise exceptionally great strength when they are developed. If you develop these abilities, your life gains a good and positive meaning. Secretly everyone is drawn to this meaningfulness.

That is the basic idea behind the Champion’s JourneyThe term ‘Champion’s Journey’ conceals a depiction of personality development in around 12 steps and implies a champion potential in everyone.... Read more as mediated by Anke Sommer. By using your ability, you grow to surpass yourself. Your importance for your surrounding environment increases to the degree that you use your special

From simple to sophisticated – finding your calling.

In this workshop, we open the channels to unfiltered seeing, hearing, sensing, smelling, touching and perceiving, as far as each individual’s process permits. The barriers to feeling are dismantled. We have to be extremely sensitive in order to detect them, so this weekend workshop will mean different things to different people:

  • Gaining awareness of this ability (your core skill) for some participants.
  • An important stage in working towards this ability for other participants.
  • Moving into this core skill for the rest of the group, those who already know or sense it; their development entails the chance to practice and exercise this ability.

The more tightly you control your perception of the world around you, the further you are from practising your talent.

The range of different development stages within the group helps you to follow your path. It is a type of work that initially takes place outside cognitive processes.


Accessing and deploying your ability (your core skill)

Overcoming limitations

Overcoming ingrained patterns that slow you down

Gaining awareness of the dominance of the mind

Giving space to your feelings, without which you cannot live out your calling.

Recognising the heroic in your skill

Transferring what you’ve learnt to your current professional and private situation