Leadership Coaching Workshop 04
Leadership Principle:

Positive communication in a crisis

The decisive limit for humans is created by the limit imposed on human life itself. It is the death of the human body that limits people in their development within this world. The LEADERSHIP Coaching workshop, Crisis CommunicationDie entscheidende Grenze eines Menschen wird durch die Begrenzung des Menschen kreiert. Es ist der Tod des menschlichen Körpers, der den Menschen in seiner Entwicklung innerhalb dieser Welt begrenzt. Krisen, Stress und Schockzustände jeglicher Art, die mehr als 3 Wochen erlebt werden, bringen uns näher an diese Grenze heran. (...)... Read more and Group ProcessesPersonal processes reflect the individual stages of our personality development and make our current stage externally visible.... Read more in challenging situations, focuses on precisely this border between life and death – because crises, stress and shock situations of all kinds bring us closer to this border – or in the worst case, take us across it. Managers discover where and when they encounter this natural limit and what signals indicate the border. If we are familiar with these signals, we can look out for them. However, if we have lost touch with ourselves and are already caught up in the burnout cycle, we lead ourselves and our environment (company) to the limits of its existence.

Rediscovering your own boundaries.

In this workshop on crisis communication, we develop and test communication patterns in a crisis, communication techniques and individually tailored facilitation methods, and we activate each individual’s access to them. Encountering extreme, emotional and unusual challenges is the fastest way to expand our growth limits, that is, our leadership boundaries, making them visible and thus available to be utilised for personality development. In the workshop, we experience these extreme situations together. The work of overcoming the boundaries that are revealed here is used for the further development of the personality and facilitated in a coaching format. The boundaries that emerge also occur in a milder form in the daily challenges we face. Either we grow or we fail when facing these boundaries.


Dealing with crisis-type situations

Extending our personal boundaries

Learning crisis intervention techniques

Learning self-management techniques in company crisis situations

Transferring these skills to your own current professional situation