Leadership Coaching Workshop 10
© Source: Anke Sommer
Leadership Principle:

Communication, leadership, multiplication.

StorytellingLesen Sie hier die Bedeutung des Storytelling. Es ist auch Teil der Leadership- Entwicklung im Institut Sommer. Klicken Sie hier für mehr.... Read more is a method that has long since found its way into business. It can be applied in a range of situations; it is suitable as a marketing instrument, for communication or presentation training, and can also be used for designing texts, films and advertising approaches. Storytelling has the task of creating a text that moves the readers and enthuses them for something. In this workshop, we start an experiment. You are the protagonist of the story that you yourself write. In this way you experience all the high and low points of your story. You, as the protagonist, take the reins and inspire yourself to tell an authentic story that touches the reader.

Storytelling sets free undreamed-of power.

According to the motto that ‘paper is patient’, the story of your own champion’s journey will be written during this workshop – yes, a complete story from start to finish. You are the protagonist, that is, the main character around whom the story is built. You either take on a role in the story, or you yourself are the narrator of a thrilling tale. In storytelling, you discover a lot about yourself, overcome limitations and gain experience of the process of professional writing. You attain a sense of the potential contained in your story. Some of the participants in the most recent workshop decided to publish the story that developed during the session as a little book.


Following the process-oriented storytelling method

Playfully overcoming existing boundaries

Creative writing

In writing the story, you go beyond your boundaries

Transferring this skill into an entrepreneurial tool for producing publications