Leadership Coaching Workshop 01
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Leadership Principle:

Finding the strongest leadership principle

Embarking on the Champion’s JourneyThe term ‘Champion’s Journey’ conceals a depiction of personality development in around 12 steps and implies a champion potential in everyone.... Read more is a decision that will influence your entire life going forward. It is your “Yes” to a conscious and positive life. This process of awakening consciousness is the first step in multiple processes of change that will positively impact both your private and professional life. All the negative factors will gradually disappear from your life. Good things will happen, although this does not mean that your mind will not be faced with an overwhelming challenge at times. We work together to overcome this daunting challenge.

On the way to uniqueness – your Champion‘s Journey

This LEADERSHIP Workshop pinpoints the significance of the path of champions in our times. It gives an overview of all the development stages and actively enters into your current stage of development. Profound group processes lead you closer to your body consciousness, the basis of your champion’s journey.

You develop a sense of your uniqueness. You realise that your heroism lives in your ordinariness. In case you now think that you must write off your life so far: no, it’s not like that. But we won’t go on living in the same way once we are aware of our deepest talents.

  • What is your greatest (leadership) strength?
  • What is hostile to your inner leadership?
  • Where is your (professional) life heading? How do you shape your life?
  • How do you make yourself irreplaceable?

You discover, unfold and ignite your own leadership principle; then you can transfer this awareness to your career and personal development. We work with your boundaries that are currently preventing you from leading a ‘self-determined’ life. The insights that emerge and the decisions made through this process will become your leadership tools for future challenges.


Pinpointing the obstacles that stand in your way

Identifying your personal leadership principle

Discovering and integrating your abilities

Uniting your professional work and your health

Finding the exceptional in the ordinary

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