28.12.2019 - 31.12.2018 Berlin

Rough Nights Berlin 2019

Concluding the old and starting the new

This LEADERSHIP coaching travel concludes old patterns and opens a door to a positive view of things. The participants focus on the goals that they really want to be. They leave the space that restricts, cramps and prevents development.

Old processes are brought to a close. This enables beneficial processes and the achievement of goals that are not possible in an obstructive environment. This coaching travel “rough nights Berlin 2019” promotes your rethinking, new thinking and gives you the strength to implement it. It relieves your mind and strengthens your physical well-being. The journey serves to strengthen your creative power.

Conscious closure of the year 2019 and orientation for the new year 2020

Essentially, you benefit from the conscious conclusion of the old year and the preparation of the new year. By preparing for the year 2020, you determine the orientation of the year 2020, as you work on your attitude and attitude for the future year.



Finish the old.

Give the new a stage.

Activate creative power.

Carry out target work.

Living positive roles (LEADERSHIP work according to Anke Sommer).

Learn distance techniques.

Combine strategic annual planning 2020 with intuitive goal achievement.

Increase the agility of your own body/mind.

How we work

We cannot do anything about negative processes in our environment unless we work on no longer being part of negative processes. Our exit from negative cycles improves the world. With this way of life we have a power to turn seemingly unchangeable things into positive ones.

Use the power of the rough nights to create new room for manoeuvre

The rough nights take place from 25 December to 6 January and run day and night. Actually, they start with the winter solstice, 21 December.

The rough nights belong to the days, which are used world-wide for the consciousness as well as for the view of the coming year.

They are part of the collective consciousness, because the customs that are carried out in these days reach deep into the past. The Germanic tradition is assumed to be the root.

Because numerous people pay special attention to these days and nights, the intensity of processes is concentrated here.

We use these intensive days to create a beneficial basis for the year 2020.

The power of change lies in every one of our actions. Therefore the LEADERSHIP journey concentrates on the creation of new freedom of action, which do justice to our self.

Location for immersion in the silence





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The time of the raunnights is insightful and exciting. Therefore a place is needed that offers deep insights and peace.

Our Remise is an old place steeped in history. In the middle of Weißensee, the Berlin district that is closest to the city centre and at the same time offers an immediate proximity to nature, we are creating a beneficial year 2020.

The Remise gives us that security and strength to create the great and the elemental and to integrate this into our further path.



The following is the schedule of the LEADERSHIP coaching trip. The details of the execution can vary according to requirements and circumstances.

Day 1 Friday, 28.12.2018

Early arrival. We start at 10.30 am. The first day is used to get out of negative circuits. Similar to a manure removal we run through the year 2019 and sort according to “Can go on like this” and “Please sort out”. For this we all refer to the positive side from which we can look at the sorted out with a smile.

Day 2 Saturday, 29.12.2018

On the second day we close the door that still connects us with the space of obstructive actions and behaviors. Now we enter the space of the future in which great things may happen. This is where all ideas for the future come into their own.

We develop target-oriented strategies and appropriate measures. Subsequently, we work out a suitability for everyday use that ensures the implementation. We take up the meaning of the rough nights directly by setting the course for 2020.

Day 3 Sunday, 30.12.2018
Today we put all our ideas together into action packages and send them on their way into the new year. We check whether all doors to negative cycles are always closed and prepare the night of the rituals.
This night is essentially about maintaining one’s own physical strength – as the basis for everything positive. The change that is necessary to get out of negative cycles is carried out. To then go into the positive and stay there.
We recognize how our negative behaviors promote early aging and wear processes. In order to stop these processes, we leave the problem and consciously enter into positive action.
During the night of the rituals, we stay in the shed and ensure that our positive goals do not remain wishful thinking, but are made “durable”.
Day 4 Monday, 31.12.2018

On the fourth and last day we process the abundance of results at a joint and extensive brunch in the Remise. At 13:00 we say goodbye.

1.297,00 € plus VAT

 The seminar fee is paid in advance and can be paid in installments.

Accommodation and meals are not included in the price.

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