19. - 26.09.2020 Dretzen, Buckautal, Brandenburg

Coaching trip – Shaping transitions mindfully

Coaching trip for people interested in change,
for managers and entrepreneurs


Master life’s transitions

Our lives are characterised by numerous transitions. We move from one phase of life to the next. We experience upheavals and in our professional and private lives swing between two contrary poles – e.g. love and violence or life and the proximity of death – until we become aware of what we’re doing. After becoming aware, you guide yourself: where you’re at and what you do. If you fail to ‘awaken’, you continue to live out self-harmful behaviours and limit your power to act.

Shaping transitions mindfully

This LEADERSHIP coaching trip focuses on the transitions you use unconsciously on a daily basis and which result in numerous behavioural limitations, i.e. you’re doing things that are actually preventing you from being objective and focused. This way, you’re unwittingly blocking your power.
You lose, in a real sense, your capacity to achieve. You lose contact with the present and instead follow an old, self-limiting pattern. You’re a burden to yourself and others.
This LEADERSHIP coaching trip makes you aware of your unconscious transitions. Your personal limitations weaken, you gain more space to act and consequently you’re more productive; you protect your health – instead of unconsciously harming it. Above all else, you’re efficient, without sapping your or others’ energy.

Learning to recognise the bridge between positive and negative

A transition usually brings together two opposing poles. All poles have their origins in your past or that of your ancestors and reference persons.
If you link these poles together then you imagine using a transition. You see a bridge. You unconsciously abandon the positive end for the negative end, and your professional and private life suffers as a result.
It is only when this bridge is vividly illustrated in front of you that this unconscious relapse into your past no longer occurs. Within the change process, you initially notice that something isn’t right. You pause for a moment. On the LEADERSHIP coaching trip, you learn how to steer your conduct.

"Overlooking violence means tolerating it in one’s own life. Have a look and see for yourself where violence is hiding."

Anke Sommer

Your life’s transitions

Present and past
Violence and love
Favourable and unfavourable
Blindness and perception
Anger and closeness
Hate and closeness
Attachment in the adult and
attachment with suffering
Core process and facts
Sickness and health
Life and death
Prosperity and bankruptcy
Power and powerlessness
Self-determination and external determination
Standstill and development
Worthlessness and value
Security and insecurity
Childhood and adulthood
Womanhood and motherhood
Manhood and fatherhood
Manhood and the child in the man
Normality and abnormality

Content and goals

Increasing self-management
Gaining awareness of negative patterns
Staying on the positive side of things
Letting go of negative patterns
Ceasing to focus on problems
Increasing your productivity
Questioning fateful events
Acting on the basis of positive outcomes
Sustaining success-promoting behaviour
Developing beneficial systems
Managerial, entrepreneurial and personality development
Easing change work on the body
Becoming aware of body signals
Conducting systemic process and organisational work
Removing stress signals by boosting positivity

We lead you to your change

The LEADERSHIP coaching trip helps you to gain insights.

You become aware of your own transitions, which in turn changes the way you communicate.

You recognise weak points within the management of your interpersonal relationships and change your involvement in negative patterns.

Personality-development work is conducted as a group activity during the day and in the evenings

The venue for transitions to positivity

Culture Yard "Kulturhof Dretzen", a historical location

“Kulturhof Dretzen” is situated in Hoher Fläming Nature Park, on the edge of the tiny village of Dretzen. It is surrounded by forest and fields and has an extended garden with its own orchard and flower meadow.

The “Kulturhof” is an inspirational and creative location for artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, managers and those interested in change work.

It was built at the turn of the 20th century and has witnessed numerous historical upheavals, making it the perfect place for change work.

It has become a place of healing, creating a sense of well-being, and is an attractive location for creativity in a safe and secure environment.

At a glance

‘Shaping transitions mindfully’ seminar

excl. VAT, food and accommodation

19–26 September 2020

Coaching units:
Daily group work

Getting there:
By car: the simplest way is to take the A2 and the B107 to “Kulturhof Dretzen”

By train: the nearest mainline stations are Bad Belzig and Brandenburg main station

We’re happy to help you plan your travel and overnight accommodation.

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“Kulturhof Dretzen”
Dretzen 15, 14793 Buckautal

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