21. - 28.03.2020 La Palma

Coaching trip to La Palma – The art of deceleration

"You are what you live.
Therefore, in times of peace, choose what you want to be and how you want to live."
Anke Sommer

While this coaching trip to La Palma everything is about the repair instinct that works in the good. Letting go, transforming and opening up – these are the three principles that are at the centre of LEADERSHIP development in Tazacorte on La Palma.

Letting go: Focus and say goodbye to your stress reaction.

Transforming: Pick up the energy that comes out of verbal attacks on you and use it to make changes.

Opening up: Turn to your spontaneity.

Calm down your mind and work towards bringing your physical sensation forwards.

Strengthen your unique nature, which only becomes visible in resting phases and lovingly inspired environments. Your nature is so rarely visible because pressure often prevails in your life as a leader and determines your life.

What happens to your nature when you get stressed?

Your very own nature does not appear under pressure. Instead, your usual stress reactions show up. In your environment you are increasingly perceived in connection with these stress reactions and measured more and more by them.

This means that your true character can no longer be recognized because your actual nature is pushed into the background under stress and pressure. This negative process has far-reaching consequences for you. You lose sight of yourself and at some point you no longer know yourself. On this coaching trip you will stop this habitual process.

On La Palma you work on your core character: you get to know your actual being. Take the chance to model your nature positively. Give your being the attention with which it can persist in the long run and can be expanded.

Contents and aspired goals of the coaching trip

Expression of the personal nature in professional work, especially in positions with high management responsibility.

Uncovering the unadulterated leader.

Acting according to heart values.

To enable connection to one’s own body and to nature.

Working with the natural principles of success, such as one’s own wisdom, sensitivity, the seeing/perceiving, the empathic element, the use of one’s own power (also as a method of distancing), intuitive perception.

Separation of success and pressure.

Compare the principles of trust and control.

Application of naturally-inspired leadership instruments, such as using intuitive perception and leading from the impulse.


How we work

The main premise of this coaching trip is to keep away all trigger points or situations that normally lead to stress reactions.

We specifically address the levels of physical consciousness that hold the information of our natural aptitude.

On the LEADERSHIP trip there are no rigid time regulations, instead there is a continuous development. This increases both the intensity and your personal development result of the coaching trip.

Interrupt your patterns and find a new openness

The intensive self-work causes a pattern interruption of negative automatisms. The natural consequence of this is that as a leader, manager or entrepreneur you open up to new ways of thinking and feeling.

With this openness, which usually does not occur easily in your everyday environment, your awareness of everything that supports your natural being also expands.

Through targeted LEADERSHIP methods and self-management techniques, the  positive change in behaviour is integrated.

Location to feel good

We live and work in one of the most beautiful places on the sunny west side of La Palma.

The village Pueblo de Tazacorte, and Tazacorte are characterised by a turbulent harbour life, numerous good fish restaurants, winding alleys, steep faces and banana plantation.

We look forward to a pleasant liveliness, a positive atmosphere and inspiring time.

The houses in which we spend this coaching trip are each hosting a small group of participants.

In an old colonial-style villa located on the beach of Pueblo de Tazacorte, we live with part of the group.

The other part of the group lives in the nearby beautiful town centre of Tazacorte in a modern city apartment and a colonial style house.

We act and work in the entire environment.


The following is the schedule of the LEADERSHIP coaching trip. The details of the execution can vary according to needs and circumstances.

Day 1 Saturday, 21.03.2020

Arrival and start of the LEADERSHIP trip “La Palma – The Art of Deceleration”.
Everyone arrives. We meet as a group at the airport, pick up the rental cars, move into the accommodation and go for groceries together.

During a dinner together, at the place where the Barranco de las Angustias flows into the sea, we get to know each other and enjoy a wonderful meal.

Meanwhile we slowly get into the LEADERSHIP work. Introduction and attunement.

Day 2 Sunday, 22.03.2020

Letting go

The 12 principles of letting go for the mind.

At the beginning of the development journey you transfer your own stress behaviour to the learning outcomes of the first 12 years of life.

This will create awareness and a connection between your early learning and your present behaviour under stress. As a result, you understand each step and let go.

Today we visit Los Llanos de Aridane and start the day with a breakfast under plane trees in the village square.

Our development work is supported by the environment itself. We walk through the village and let the impressions flow into the coaching work.

An market hall with an extraordinary selection, contemplative squares and streets, picturesque houses as well as numerous cafés and restaurants, the old banana plantation, on which an artisan and antique market takes place on Sundays, enrich your progress in an unstrained but no less effective way.

Day 3 Monday, 23.03.2020

Letting go

The 10 principles of letting go for the body.

On this day we find the connection between the stress damage (no illness) and the symptom that occurs in everyday stress.

The body is scanned for this. You understand the damage your body has suffered from your stress and let go. You do this with the help of the 10 principles of letting go for the body.

The element water supports us in this step of development. Evenly flowing movements in the salt water pool or in the sea support you in establishing the connection to your body and letting go of symptoms.

La Palma is a light protection reservation. That is why we integrate a nocturnal look ot the Milky Way sky into our coaching trip.

Once under the spell of this breathtaking starry sky and you will hardly be able to get away from this sight.

Day 4 Tuesday, 24.03.2020


The principle of harnessing attack energy.

Today they learn to deal with energies. For this purpose we already swim in the saltwater pool in the morning.

In your professional life you are often confronted with an attack energy which you now learn to use for yourself.

(Principle: From being attacked to using the attack energy, dealing with energies)

This will increase your mobility: first that of your body and then that of your mind. In this way you will be able to uncover the agility of your leadership personality.

An excursion takes us to the Llano de Jable plateau. An unusual nature opens up to us there.

The ashes of the prehistoric volcano formed the landscape from lava ash. Pines line the plateau. From a vantage point we enjoy a stunning view over La Palma.

Day 5 Wednesday, 25.03.2020


Discover the fine spirit.

What is it that corresponds to you? Today we work with our sensors, i.e. the hearing, the tasting and the grasping. We dedicate ourselves to increasing your sensitive perceptive faculties and combine these with the allocation of your natural abilities.

Today we go out to eat, provide ourselves with good, beneficial food, experience little effort, listen to beautiful music and stroll.

In the morning we drive to the viewpoint above the steep face of Puerto de Tazacorte and walk through the local banana plantations.

In the evening we visit the colourful and lively Santa Cruz de la Palma.

Day 6 Thursday, 26.03.2020


Expansion and preservation of your sensitivity.

Today you continue to develop your sensitivity and make it suitable for everyday use. With LEADERSHIP methods, such as confrontation techniques, you train to maintain your sensitivity.

You develop the tools to preserve the acquired changes.

Together we will discover the laurel jungle Los Tilos, which gives us great impressions of a lush variety of plants.

Day 7 Friday, 27.03.2020

Opening up

Work with symbols according to LEADERSHIP values.

Today you depict the whole picture of your nature with crayons on small sheets. Your nature will be visualized with simple techniques until you recive a symbol for your own nature. The transfer to the LEADERSHIP personality takes place.

The Caldera de Taburiente National Park is an erosion crater with dense pine forests and deep gorges. On an easy, short hike we experience this attraction of La Palma.

Day 8 Saturda, 28.03.2020

Opening up

Preservation of your nature in everyday life.

During the breakfast together, the thematic rounding off and the securing of your acquired success of the seminar trip takes place. We will create the transfer into everyday reality and concentrate on the question:

“How do you maintain your nature under stress and pressure?”

Afterwards it’ s back to home. Each participant departs individually on Saturday.

2.340,00 € plus VAT

The amount can be paid in advance as a whole or in instalments and includes seminar fees.

Catering and accommodation are not included in the price.

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