28. - 31.12.2020 Dretzen, Buckautal, Brandenburg

Phoenix from the ashes

“Don’t allow yourself to be threatened existentially by the crisis, but instead manage the existential threat.”
Anke Sommer

Coaching trip for people interested in
change, for managers and for entrepreneurs

Content summary

The 12 nights of Christmas 2020 – pacifying the crisis year

The 12 nights of Christmas have a long tradition. Nowadays, these 12 days and nights give you, first and foremost, the space to pay more attention to yourself. You let old things go and welcome the new things that await you. Consciously drawing your year to a close and having a clear focus for 2021 is particularly important after the global crisis year 2020.

Existential threats, running conflicts, open wounds, anger, panic and grief of the kind you haven’t experienced for a long time need to be pacified in what is now already the third phase of the crisis. If you don’t stop the crisis spiral, you won’t be up to the task of dealing with the further consequences of the Corona crisis.

Phoenix from the ashes

On the LEADERSHIP coaching trip, we make use of the ‘phoenix from the ashes’ principle.
The phoenix symbolises (self-)destruction as well as resurrection and a self-generated new beginning.

In non-crisis times, the ‘phoenix from the ashes’ principle helps you to achieve a turning point in heavily negative experiences and to change your life for the better.
In times of crisis, the phoenix principle can only be used to a limited extent: at these times, you mustn’t focus on your destruction, as this is where the downward spiral lurks. Focus instead on the actions that keep you away from the spiral or alternatively take you out of it, should you already find yourself in it.

In the worst case, the downward spiral culminates in crisis consequences such as insolvency, job loss, separations, isolation, illness, etc. On the 12-nights-of-Christmas trip, you learn how to use actions that stop such spirals and put you on an upward trajectory.

"Negative actions are always negative, it’s just that there are times when negative actions prove to be doubly harmful."

Anke Sommer

We guide you to your change

On this LEADERSHIP coaching trip, you consistently abandon negative spirals and learn how to maintain this consistency.

You also recognise why – ultimately – there can be no ‘half done’, only 100% completion.

The 12 nights of Christmas are seen around the world as a period of intensive development, which is why we use them to achieve this turning point in your life.

Personality-development work is conducted as a group activity during the day and in the evenings.

Like a phoenix from the ashes:
transforming destruction

Aspects of the crisis spiral – acting and living in the present

Impacts of the global crisis – stabilising and forward-looking measures

Historic role conflict – loving, heart-to-heart relationships 

Anger and combat – competence and individual responsibility

Existential fear – stabilityt and self-confidence

Helplessness and powerlessness – ability to act

Panic – objectivity

Blocked actions – current, reactive actions

Feeling of worthlessness – self-care, realism and feeling emotionally secure

Despondency – vitality


Content and objectives

Preparing yourself for the second crisis year

Identifying and pacifying your biggest on-going personal conflict

Learning from stress signals and neutralising ‘destruction tendencies’

Preparing and structuring the new year

Thinking ahead towards flexible success and setting professional goals

Defining and integrating private goals

Developing crisis protection further

Expanding self-management

Protecting your ability to act

Creating space for self-care and emotional security

Integrating actions with positive outcomes into your professional and private life

Taking pleasure in things and having fun 🙂

Transformation location

Culture Yard "Kulturhof Dretzen", a location steeped in history

The “Kulturhof” has witnessed numerous historical upheavals and some dark periods over the past 120 years. There’s nothing more to see and ‘feel’ of this externally, as this rural location has also risen like a phoenix from the ashes and become transformed into a secure, healing, creative venue, replete with its own natural energy.

At a glance

„Phoenix from the ashes“ seminar

€ 1,417.00
excl. VAT, food and accommodation

28.-31 December 2020

Coaching units:
Daily group work

Getting there:
By car: the simplest way is to take the A2 and the B107 to Kulturhof Dretzen

By train: the nearest mainline stations are Bad Belzig and Brandenburg main station

We’re happy to help you plan your travel and overnight accommodation.


Event  location:
Kulturhof Dretzen
Dretzen 15, 14793 Buckautal

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Anika Fischer

Phone: +49 30 – 500 140 36
Email: anmeldung@institut-sommer.de


€1,417.00 excl. VAT

The amount can be paid in full or in instalments beforehand and includes the seminar costs/fees.
The price does not include food and accommodation.

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