21. - 28.09.2019 Tuscany

Tuscany – Executive and Entrepreneurial Development: On the Trails of Self-Support and LEADERSHIP Cuisine

Intensive week for people interested in development: Find your LEADERSHIP type. Experience the effectiveness of the individual LEADERSHIP cuisine.

This LEADERSHIP trip brings us to the enchanting landscape of Tuscany, with many medieval villages, river valleys and a thermal bath.

What could be better than to work there on your goals, to improve your personal leadership quality, to become aware of internal body processes and to learn to understand system work?

The LEADERSHIP cuisine accompanies us from the first to the last day of the intensive seminar, because success begins with the development of a high quality of life. This includes self-care, in which one is responsible for maintaining, caring for and promoting oneself.

Development of your own LEADERSHIP type on the basis of individual needs and personal assessment

The basis of the LEADERSHIP kitchen is that we all belong to a different LEADERSHIP type, which indicates a special need. For example, “The timid”, “The waverer” and “The strong of will”.


Each type has different goals and, with good care, is equipped to meet all challenges responsibly. Each type needs an individual diet in order to achieve and maintain its stability. The type decides how you can cope with developments and changes and what changes can be made with you.

Develop your LEADERSHIP type. Learn how to keep your type on the creative side by taking responsibility for your self-preservation. Even the smallest signals will show you what you need at the moment to stay in balance.


The fact that carrots are not all the same here is proven by the different ways in which they are processed. One needs them, for example, with the combination of sesame oil, the other with butter, because your body needs the food differently depending on your daily form, workload and type.

Stress changes this physical need on a daily basis and has a decisive effect on your hormonal balance. Your hormones decide which side you stand on in the long run: on the beneficial or self-destructive side. All creations that we develop together are designed in such a way that easy imitation is possible. Each creation makes the LEADERSHIP type more tangible for you.

Instead of focusing on problems, we take care of ourselves. On this basis, we assume responsibility and follow our beneficial goals. This is how you get ahead, instead of burning your challenges in the long run.

Aimed goals

Get to know and use your LEADERSHIP type.

Work on self-management.

As a responsible person, take the positive side and never leave it.

Leave negative cycles.

Stop problem focusing.

You influence how your life runs: Lead yourself instead of being led by fateful events.

Live action with positive consequence.

Serve success-enhancing actions.

Establish supportive systems for company and target development.

Make change work easier for your body.

Sensitization for body signals.

Stress reduction by using the LEADERSHIP kitchen.

Practical implementation of the varied LEADERSHIP cuisine.

Integrate the LEADERSHIP cuisine into your own life.

Perform systemic process work.

Removal of stress signals by strengthening the positive side.

How we work

We use the lovely nature of Tuscany to come down and concentrate on the basis of our existence to understand our LEADERSHIP type.

The journey will help you to gain knowledge which will be applied in the following everyday life, because your knowledge will be integrated into your body consciousness.

This is possible through the joint LEADERSHIP work. Once the insights have been integrated into your body consciousness, they remain intact.

Everyone gets to know their LEADERSHIP type so intensively that in this context the language of the body signals produces a conclusive picture.

The search for suitable food and the processing into LEADERSHIP cuisine make this journey not only a feast for the senses, but also a trip to get to know the country and its people. F

or example, we browse through the small streets of Cetona, Pienza and Chiusi and enjoy the Italian flair of these ancient small towns.

We achieve our goals through intensive work at Villa Cascante and in various places in the surrounding area. Personal development takes place during the day and in the evening in small groups.


We will work and live at Villa Cascante. The finca was built in the 18th century and owes its name to the water that flows into the pool at Cascaden.

The former farmhouse is located in the south of Tuscany and includes the main building as well as a former barn. The villa is surrounded by fields as well as by small oak and chestnut woods, which gives us an enchanting panoramic view.

We also have a large private garden and a 14 x 7 m swimming pool. You can buy the products of the organic agriculture on the spot and in a few minutes by car (about 10 minutes) you can reach Cetona or Chiusi to do some shopping or have a good meal (Cetona).

Chiusi is integrated into the railway system and lies directly on the Florence – Rome line. To Florence it takes about 1 hour, to Rome about 2 hours.


The LEADERSHIP trip “Tuscany – Executive and Entrepreneur Development: On the Trails of Self-preservation and LEADERSHIP Cuisine” lets us hike 7 days on the tracks of our LEADERSHIP type.

The journey combines personality development with the experimental LEADERSHIP cuisine and body signal work.

Today Tuscany is the actual centre of Slow Food and Terra Madre, the network of producers, restaurateurs and scientists.

We use this awareness of healthy, simple and regional cuisine with sustainably produced products to increase our knowledge about LEADERSHIP development and to take responsibility for our personal well-being even in times of high stress.

The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity has established itself in this area and stands for the protection of endangered livestock and crops. Now follows an exemplary daily routine. If necessary, the content will be changed.

Day 1 Saturday, 21.09.2019

Arrival and start of the LEADERSHIP journey’ “Tuscany – Executive and entrepreneurial development: On the tracks of self-preservation and LEADERSHIP cuisine”.
Everyone arrives.

During a common dinner we get to know each other and enjoy a wonderful meal. Meanwhile we slowly get into the LEADERSHIP work. Introduction and attunement.

Day 2 Sunday, 22.09.2019

Today is a day of deep relaxation work. We work a lot in nature. The planned location is Monte Cetona (1148 m), which was considered by the Etruscans to be the seat of the highest deity, according to the art historian Otto Neeracher.

There we carry out this special kind of LEADERSHIP work, which helps us to establish contact with our own body. This in order to receive a signal understanding, which also indicates the body’s own nutritional requirements.

As a result, each participant experiences his LEADERSHIP type and its effects on the environment during the various development phases.

If possible, we visit the Therme di San Casciano dei Bagni and evaluate the daily results of the LEADERSHIP work in the evening in the villa.

Day 3 Monday, 23.09.2019

After a common breakfast it goes first to Chiusi. Here the first knowledge about the LEADERSHIP cuisine will be put to the test.

What food is needed and what do the signals show? What simple slow food concepts are the result of the inspiration that Chiusi gives us?

A detour to Lago di Chiusi will delight our minds. With the food we have purchased, we go into our experimental kitchen. Today we enter the art of cooking with signals.

The follow-up work condenses the knowledge about the functioning of your body in connection with the experience of an adapted nutrition.

The LEADERSHIP processes lead to the awareness of the consequences of stress. We learn to grasp stress not only as a phenomenon, but to understand the different levels of stressors.

The basis is formed by self-correction methods, which lead to keeping you on the beneficial side.

Day 4 Tuesday, 24.09.2019

The morning of the day begins with the three most important goals we have set ourselves as responsible persons. In the course of the day, we work out the prerequisites for achieving our goals.

In addition, each participant receives research tasks relating to the LEADERSHIP kitchen, which are tried out and evaluated in the evening over a meal prepared together.

We will work in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Tuscany, San Quirico d’Orcia, which belongs to the province of Siena. Here we will also visit the particularly beautiful medieval hamlet of Bagno Vignoni.

Bagno Vignoni, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is mainly known for its thermal spring. The Bagno Vignoni spa is known for its curative springs, where Lorenzo di Medici cured his physical ailments.

The theme is to develop an action plan that fits the LEADERSHIP type and ensures the implementation of the future goals. We will eat and compare the task results in one of the many small restaurants with alternative cuisine.

Day 5 Wednesday, 25.09.2019

Today Monte Amiata, a massif in the south of Tuscany, awaits us. In this area we will get some of the ingredients for our LEADERSHIP cuisine and use the environment for process work.

The theme of the process work is leadership through positive roles (role work according to Anke Sommer; to be read in Sommer, Anke, “Schlachtfeld Arbeitsplatz. Das Praxishandbuch für Konfliktmanagement im Unternehmen”, Carl Hanser Verlag, Munich, 2019).

The area around Monte Amiata is very suitable for process work because it is known for the absolute independence of geology, history and landscape. Accordingly, it is about letting go of dependency structures, immersing oneself in individuality and opening up beneficial relationships.

Day 6 Thursday, 26.09.2019

We enjoy a part of the day on the grounds of Villa Cascante, at best while swimming and immersing ourselves in the theory around body signal work in relation to the individual LEADERSHIP type.

You will learn how to integrate what you have experienced so far into your everyday life and what it takes to do justice to your LEADERSHIP type.

With your LEADERSHIP type you will also learn to manage processes in your environment in a beneficial way.

Day 7 Friday, 27.09.2019

This day is dedicated to working with opposites. What unconscious mechanisms take away our leadership and prevent it? What are the signals that are created by the imbalance? What happens within the body?

So this day belongs to contradictions and opposites. The peculiarity will be that you will learn to lead the negative cycles from a distanced position into the conducive.

We work in Monticchiello, with its austere forms of a medieval fortress and the contrast that we find in Pienza, a small medieval town that is characterized by the Renaissance style.

A big farewell dinner in the evening makes the farewell a little easier. We will review all the results of the trip and together we will make a thorough transfer into your everyday reality.

Day 8 Saturday, 28.09.2019

Anyone who wants stays for farewell breakfast. Then we head back home. Each participant departs individually on Saturday.

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Catering is not included in the price.

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