A meeting point on the topic of internal company development for entrepreneurs, self-employed people and managers

In the management master plan, methods are individualised and implemented in practice so that management becomes second nature to you. Your development strengthens the company where you work, thus reinforcing your position. This development path with the management master plan is for the long term: from your very first visit, your development into a full-blooded leader is initiated and pursued.

What can you expect?

  • As entrepreneur and manager, you learn to place demands on yourself and others.
  • You learn to see giving instructions as something positive.
  • You learn techniques of direct, constructive communication.
  • You develop targeting and action strategies for your company and your department.
  • You recognise what impedes your agility and learn to deal constructively with factors that inhibit others.
  • You develop an eye for negative consequences and your actions are primarily directed towards usefulness.

What do we expect of you?

  • Continuous management development following a master plan.
  • All your actions have positive consequences.
  • You want to move ahead: to bear responsibility and develop yourself further.
  • You see management as a mission.

The management master plan takes place once a month at the INSTITUTE SOMER in Berlin and is chaired by entrepreneur, LEADERSHIP coach and conflict expert Anke Sommer. Each meeting deals with a specific company-relevant topic and challenges you to consider your company and your position as entrepreneur or manager from different viewpoints.

The aim is for you to grow fully into your position of responsibility. Your usefulness for your organisation and your customers expands steadily, thus increasing your value to the company.

The master plan has given entrepreneurs a platform where their managers can develop according to the fundamental principle: “Actions with positive consequences benefit everyone” (SOMMER Method). The management master plan is designed to be a constant support measure for people with responsibility, a place where they can learn positive management and responsibility from scratch.

How can you see that people with responsibility in your company are developing positively?

  • They identify themselves increasingly with their field of work.
  • They enjoy their management tasks more and more. Their actions become more purposeful.
  • They gain a better overview as well as a wider awareness of consequences.
  • The company owner can delegate without hesitation or worries.
  • Their trust increases.
  • They gain more respect for what others do.

The management master plan supports you in individualising your own management style in a concrete way. We work with a stock of practice-oriented methods, whose content is communicated according to the principle of ‘One method – 100 ways to apply it’. They enable you to become more useful to your organisation and to its external relations. At the same time, the master plan also acts as a source of inspiration, giving you insights into, and experience of, different management styles.

Management master plan: contents and development stages

  • You continually develop your company concept.
  • You derive purposeful, coherent 2-5-7 goals in accordance with the SOMMER Method© that fit with your long-term strategy.
  • You overcome the internal limitations in your subconscious by applying the ‘learning by doing’ principle.
  • You learn that you yourself are the parameter for business growth and financial success.
  • You identify conflicts as liquidity blockages. You focus on solutions, not problems.
  • You find suitable styles of communication and apply them.
  • You work on your special field and, in time, no one can compete with you in that area.
  • You learn that a good manager also looks after themself. You are introduced to methods that ensure this self-care.
  • The ‘master mind’ focuses exclusively on your personal, current problem by finding solutions for it.