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Event: Aiming High: team-building climbing event

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Self-Leadership development

Inducing processes of change through a team-building climbing event

Top-level managers are under immense pressure, and pressure causes people to close off. During the specially developed team building climbing event Aiming High, you lose contact with the ground under your feet, which inevitably has an impact on you. We embark on a joint process together.

Under pressure

Experience how your body reacts when your mind is deprived of its sense of security on the high ropes in this team building event. All top managers come under pressure. Their minds have to adapt, otherwise the inner physical pressure caused by suppressing bodily sensations will simply become too great. We help you to recover your sense of feeling, enable you to feel what is real and give you the opportunity to attain your self-leadership. The more responsibility your bear, the harder it is to let go of your intellect and listen to the body’s wisdom. The Aiming High event is our way of building this bridge between your body and mind. You can experience this effective process of change supported by the highest safety standards and facilitated by experts. The action takes place in the air and on the ground. The aim is to take over your own self-leadership, even when external events deprive you of your stability. The focus is on your self-protection.

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