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Night-time River Walk – outdoor team building

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Coaching in water – the team building event with a difference

Night-time river walk with colleagues / in the company

Darkness requires different abilities than daylight. Standing with both feet in dark water and helping your colleagues to walk through the river while the moon shines over your heads; carrying the burning torch through the windy night and carrying the others without being able to see properly; reacting quickly without being able to see, guided by your physical instinct: all these impressions and feelings hint at the emotions that can be released by the night-time river walk, an unusual outdoor team-building event, and the direction in which you as manager (could) develop.

Blind trust

The event promotes intuitive communication and blind trust in your colleagues. Your intellect can take a break. The group prepares together for this development process; then we step out into the darkness.
If that isn’t adventurous enough for you, then why not try out our survival retreat ;).

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