Frequently Asked Questions

If you recognize the benefit of this work for yourself, i.e. to remove certain blockades and obstructive patterns from your life that you unconsciously use, then you recognize the benefit that this LEADERSHIP work has for your life.

In the LEADERSHIP work, old, unconscious information is picked up. Depending on how much of this information affects you in your daily activities, it takes time to invalidate this information.

Your individual topic decides how long it takes – so it can be said that you determine the duration yourself.

Our LEADERSHIP groups are comparable to individual coaching sessions for several people. Experience shows that our customers make faster progress in their individual processes if they work in a group. This is because the interaction with the other participants reveals the triggers of their own process. Your concern is in reaction to others – as well as in real life.

Most problems arise in interpersonal relationships, even if you have relatively few social contacts.

The focus of the group work is on the opportunity for your body to show what the origin of your subject is. Systemic connections and mechanisms will be identified by your own reaction to the body.

In the groups the reality is made visible and the rational explanation stands behind the physical expression. The pure mental work leaves room for constructs and excuses, while the body is an incorruptible instrument of communication and shows what it really looks like inside you. In this way, we can actually start right away with your most important topic.

The physical group work shows how your patterns and blockages emerged systemically – something you can’t see alone because it’s completely unconscious.

Anke Sommer works purely systemically and sociologically. She primarily works with body memory and body history with the aim of not only invalidating or solving a topic mind-wise, but completely. Comparable is the systemical work according to Anke Sommer with the work of a profiler. Anke Sommer not only sees the current situation, but also how it came about in the first place.

It is particularly important to know here that the systemic cause of a topic often cannot be easily grasped with the mind, as it is unconscious. If the same things happen to you again and again in life or you simply cannot get rid of negative patterns against better knowledge, there is often a systemic event behind it that cannot be dealt with on the level of the mind alone.

Anke Sommer sees the big picture and works with you immediately on the solution.

This is due to Anke Sommer’s affinity for body signals. Anke Sommer is able to understand the language of the body exactly. Based on these body signals, i.e. the language of the body, she sees which events have not yet been processed and also where this non-processing leads to on the physical level.

In addition to the body signals, which cannot be divided into specialisations, Anke Sommer refers in her work to systemic causes of problems.

Put simply, this means that unprocessed, past experiences determine your future. The core of your topic is immediately seen here, whether you visit our INSTITUTE for reasons of partnership, family, business, stress or other.

Anke Sommer’s overriding goal is to relax and resolve your situation. In consultation and process coaching you will find out the essential screws and starting points for your progress. This goal, the improvement of your condition, can be achieved from any starting point.

For yourself. For the improvement of your quality of life. And if you have children, also for them. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for LEADERSHIP development for professional or private reasons. The topics you work on in the context of this development have a fundamental influence on your life. It is therefore likely that there will be a change in all areas of your life.

Hopefully only you yourself. If you make this development as part of your training as a Systemic LEADERSHIP Coach, then it should be in agreement with your company. You need to make your own positive decision for development in order to be able to withstand possible internal and external resistance in your environment. These resistances are natural, as this leadership work is strongly concerned with changing negative patterns and habits that stand between you and your progress.

Development, especially that of personality, is a fluid, ever-changing thing. Some steps are relatively easy, some seem to be insurmountable hurdles. It can happen that you yourself or your environment believe that personality development in the sense of LEADERSHIP work can be planned and is finite. If you enter leadership work after Anke Sommer with a certain goal, you will reach new insights and points of view on the way to your goal.

Working with and with the help of the group offers you a variety of perspectives and learning moments. You will change through unconditional self-responsibility for yourself. And this change is checked again and again in everyday life. If you can withstand it and discard old, obstructive patterns, you are one step further. If not, information and important insights are still missing on your side.

Your respective stage of development as well as the external circumstances reflect whether you want or should develop further. In addition, your willingness to change determines how much development is worth to you.

You have the responsibility and the power to make your own changes. Only you can go your own way. Your progress is also oriented towards your inner limits and how strongly you maintain these limits yourself. Limits are individual imprints, patterns of thought and action that your mind developed in childhood (between the ages of 4 and 7). Every imprint is different, which is why comparisons with processes and development paths of others are a dead end! Each participant has his or her own history and abilities.

The degree of your satisfaction with the current, inner and outer state shows how much time and energy and money you invest to achieve an existence that allows you to be self-determined and fulfilled in positive consequence – with an open heart.

You can’t do this without self-management. Your inner challenges resemble the resistances you encounter on the outside. Your environment and your handling of things are always the mirror of your inner world.

The further you are, the more the external resistances change into the internal challenges. At a certain time you will get to know – within yourself – what has “only” hit you in the outside world. Only when you get to know these forces yourself and recognize that you are using them yourself, are you really able to lead them.