15th October 2021

Crises and conflicts Symposium and BarCamp

Dealing with crisis fall-out, containing troublespots, (re)building your company.

Dear entrepreneurs, managers and self-employed people,

We are looking forward to our first Crisis and Conflict Symposium and BarCamp on 15th October 2021.

We would like to plan and enjoy this day with you. Are you keen to experience a conflict-free business culture? Are you looking for change in your personal conflict management? Do you see and use the crisis as an opportunity, or would you like to find out how to make your business crisis-proof? Instead of ‘focusing on the problem’, would you rather be ‘in the solution’? Then register now!

A BarCamp is sometimes called an ‘unconference’ – i.e. the opposite of a traditional conference. In fact it’s a conference that ‘consists purely of coffee breaks’. To find out more about the idea behind it, see below:
Pleasant, casual contacts, interesting (networking) conversations and lasting relationships usually arise during conference coffee breaks, rather than when the experts are giving their presentations. The atmosphere is casual; all participants meet on equal terms, regardless of their professional or personal status.
The aim is that everyone learns from everyone else and everyone takes part in designing the event. Your contribution is welcome – whether it’s your own presentation or mini-workshop, your active help with organising the event, or active participation in discussions and issues.
What usually happens at a BarCamp?
The programme (talks, presentations, workshops, etc.) takes shape as the event progresses. Anyone can put forward their topic and their way of presenting it, and suggestions are put to the vote. The topics with the most votes are put on the day‘s agenda. Our Crisis and Conflict event is a themed camp, in that the Crisis and Conflict topic is already predetermined.


Emerging strong from the crisis!

The symposium and BarCamp on the topic of entrepreneurship, drive and working for the future during and after the crisis.


Anke Sommer

“The crisis is not just happening now; it is also being created by the decisions being taken now. The more irrational these decisions, the more powerful their impacts in the coming days and months.“

Programme extracts


Admission, welcoming address and introduction

Talk by Anke Sommer

“Learning from the crisis: self-management in times of crisis”

Block I

Various BarCamp sessions

Expert discussion

With Anke Sommer and guests from the business world
“Conflict management: seeing and seizing the opportunity in the crisis”

Block II

Various BarCamp sessions


Goodbyes and a leisurely end to the evening

Event date and time

15th October 2021
9am -6.30pm
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Berliner Allee 81
13088 Berlin


€220 (gross) per person

incl. drinks, fresh fruit and snacks – while stocks last.


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