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Life CoachingLesen Sie hier die Beschreibung des Life Coaching. Es ist ein Teil der Leistungen des Institut Sommer. Klicken Sie hier für mehr Informationen.... Read more – avoiding conflicts and resolving them. A coaching programme can enable you to recognise your own weaknesses and strengths and to test the limits of your resilience. Only when you know yourself can you avoid tension and stress and resolve conflicts effectively. Whether we work with doctors, public figures, teams or people at management level, our coaching work addresses the concerns that have restricted smooth workflows up to now. People who are in the focus of public interest use the coaching sessions to balance the build-up of external pressure. People who bear a lot of responsibility use a coach’s help to gain an objective external perception that greatly relieves the pressure. In this way, they can address issues from within themselves that without this facilitation would otherwise stagnate and obstruct. You have a goal: we show you how to achieve it by the shortest route using your own capacity. We help you to overcome the personal limits that have previously prevented you from reaching your goals.

Growing beyond your personal boundaries. Balancing out pressure and stress. Achieving your goals by the shortest path using your own resources.

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