Leadership Coaching Workshop 09

LEADERSHIP Workshop with Animals

Leadership Principle:

Recognising and utilising the effects of leadership behaviour

This thrilling LEADERSHIP Workshop with animals focuses not on learning how to deal with a pack of freely moving animals, but on becoming aware of how your own charisma impacts free animals. You experience how even the smallest changes in your own behaviour alter the behaviour of the pack or herd. You sharpen your perception of existing communication as well as the ranking order, and cast off thought patterns. You experience the effect of your leadership behaviour. Your own internal attitude is illuminated, because leadership, whether of colleagues or of projects, becomes authentic when it is transmitted via your own attitude. This weekend workshop takes place in natural surroundings where we practice the subconscious communication that we possess: the language that works through our intuition.

Using animals as a mirror – a LEADERSHIP workshop with animals.

Animals are the best mirror for training our conscious awareness. They will show us how much access we have to our intuition. Animals also show us that if we place ourselves in a superior position, we cannot really understand their communication. We will work with the herd, without aids. People and animals experience this process jointly. I am convinced that a positive basic attitude is the only thing that enables us to reach others. You cannot always achieve a positive attitude when you, as a manager, approach your colleagues or when you deal with others from a position of responsibility. If you don’t succeed in maintaining this positive attitude towards the herd or pack, the horses and dogs will reflect this at once. This helps you to work on developing your attitude.


Working on your inner attitude

Leadership through your inner attitude

Recognising your own impact

Promoting intuitive communication

Managing strong emotions

Understanding rank and role

Transferring this to your current professional situation

The animal module was an experience of a special kind - to feel how lovingly and protective animals react to us humans and perceive our energies. Our group was brought into close proximity with the animals. The quite impressive appearance of the horses was impressive, but not at all frightening for me. The commonality with the group and the guidance by Anke always gave me a feeling of security.