Leadership Coaching Workshop 05
Leadership Principle:

(Self-)preservation and protection principle as a leadership instrument

What is Stress Balance Coaching? The idea behind this term is to restore the balance in relation to stress. “I’d love to just take time out…” – many people think that is the way to reconnect with their lost centre. But it no longer works if the balance has been lost too often. Balance will restore itself in a natural way, but if we don’t give our bodies time to do this themselves, we gradually move into the stress zone without realising it. This initially leads to minor consequences such as hormone emissions, disturbed sleep and lack of oxygen – but the long-term damage is greater. The body and the environment around us are damaged, and all the people near us also suffer. It’s not only our body cells that close up; the link to our centre, to our feelings and perception also shuts down.

Finding the stressor through stress balance coaching.

This Stress Balance LEADERSHIP Coaching workshop clearly reveals the cycle between achieving goals and self-exploitation. The Stress Balance Coaching workshop reflects your personal stressor and its impact on your life. The stressor is the factor that causes long-term stress for you and your organisation, without you being consciously aware of it. It arises from experiences that have not been worked through. If we are not aware of it, it has a great deal of power. We put an end to this unconscious power by experiencing the system’s method and thus preventing it from developing automatically. Only when you know what your stressor is can the balance function and be sustainable.


Defusing long-term stress

Recognising the dilemma between the demands of work and performance delivery

Gaining awareness of your own limits

Identifying long-term problems

Learning to detect your own stressor

Finding your own centre

Ending burnout cycles

Becoming aware of your physical reactions to other stressed people

Transferring this to your current situation