Training course on the delimitation of ‘I’-destructive energies

Leadership Principle:

You are. Only in your body.

description of the target group - leadership seminar - protect your own 'I'

Delimitation is protection: Why you need to protect your ‘I’

Protecting yourself from negative energies and training your inner boundary is essential for your ‘I’, as your ‘I’ – the natural you – is the basis of your existence.

If your mind is open and caring, and connected with your ‘I’, then you’ll have a healthy, supportive ego, which only ever comes as a twin-pack, since a beneficial ego is the result of a collaboration between your open mind and your autonomous ‘I’.

An open mind is something that you generally have to develop. That’s the first step, since it’s only with an open mind that you can reach your ‘I’ and stop seeing affectionate energies as a threat.

The ‘I’ is your objective, neutral system within you, and it only operates in the here and now, i.e. in your present. If you stop being yourself in life, your ‘I’ begins to die out – even if you’re physically very active.

Your friend, the ‘I’

Your ‘I’ dies out in stages. If your mind hasn’t learnt that stubbornness isn’t always a good thing then destructive processes may unfold while your obstinate intellect is playing it safe.

And if your mind is a dogged advocate of what’s not beneficial, it will relentlessly defend the retention of these harmful ways of thinking, as well as the actions resulting from them. Consequently, you’ll have no opportunity to live out your ‘I’.

The enemies of your ‘I’ are often to be found in your mind – and they’re persistent. They consist of old patterns, behaviours and views that conflict with your more human side and see your ‘I’ state as a threat.
Rather than recognising the ‘I’ as being part of the same body, a stubborn mind will see your ‘I’ state as a danger, and it is this mind-based misconception that we deal with in this workshop.

You learn how to recognise and protect your ‘I’ state. Above all, you open your mind. This results in an increased ability to act while your sense of wellbeing remains constant. You have fun creating and achieving things.

Strengthening the inner boundary by training the delimitation of 'I'-destructive energies

The focus of this LEADERSHIP training course is not on the angry battle with your adversaries but rather the knowledge that the enemies of your ‘I’ have nothing to do with you.

You therefore learn to see these attacks objectively and start distancing yourself from mind-based attacks on your state of being, using the heart as your starting point.

A sense of your natural self grows within you: you have your place in life and can – must – take it up if you wish to live out yourself.

It is only then that your true self and your archetype have an opportunity to unfold and help you in a natural way towards a successful, loving and healthy life.