Systemic-sociological change management based on the SOMMER Method©

We support your organisational change-management processes, starting with the company history. This is because the organisational change process brings closure for disruptive factors from the past, opening up a positive direction for your future path.

It’s all about becoming aware of destructive actions and establishing the principle that only supports actions with positive consequences. This lays the foundation for a healthy, functioning company. You as manager are strengthened in the aim of building up your own culture and dissolving interlocking obstacles. Your personal awareness grows, and with it you gain a realistic view of company processes.

We apply the cause-effect principle in our work, in accordance with the SOMMER Method. Together, we look at the causes of internal company problems. We focus on the solution and on improving the situation in a positive way. Our basic principle states: disruption-free companies show healthy growth, while the staff’s willingness to take on responsibility increases.

In the change-management process, we work exclusively with people in positions of responsibility who are prepared to embark on the process of change. We don’t force any processes. Our experience shows that during the change-management process, the pool of supporters expands, while factors that hinder progress decrease massively. One positive change leads automatically to the next in a structure that secures the new system.

It’s important that you continually reinforce the positive changes in your company. Put an end to actions and behaviour that have negative consequences. Now you have the foundation for lasting change. We continuously support you in maintaining your positive underlying direction and in overcoming possible obstacles. Because usefulness is the main focus of our activity, we stay with you as long as necessary until the positive changes in your company have reached a stable conclusion. So your internal processes and development successes determine the length of our collaboration and the change measures required.