Leadership Coaching Workshop 03

LEADERSHIP work with systemic patterns – system coaching based on the SOMMER method ©

Leadership Principle:

Using the rules of logic to grasp the extent of the subconscious

Leadership Work with Systemic Patterns - System Coaching

This LEADERSHIP coaching workshop supports you in understanding your current situation – professional and private – in its systemic context. You learn how systems function, both through your own experiences and those of other participants.

You realise where the term ‘systemic power’ comes from and the extent to which it impacts your life. The LEADERSHIP workshop guides you to the starting points that make change possible for you.

Taking an outsized black box as an example, we demonstrate the systemic principle of cause and effect. You experience how this principle affects your own body and what physical impacts it has on you. This makes you both more aware and more able to act.

Above all, the black box is the pathway to answers and insights.
System coaching according to Anke Sommer gives you a new understanding of the words ‘fate’ and ‘chance’. You learn that by acting positively today, you can change what happens tomorrow to your advantage.

Awareness work is based on the following six pillars:

Working with the black box

Working with gravity and vibration

Working with figures

Working with synergy effects

Working with pressure and counter-pressure

Positive confrontation training

Working with somatic experience