Leadership Coaching Workshop 10


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Leadership Principle:

Communication, leadership, multiplication.

StorytellingLesen Sie hier die Bedeutung des Storytelling. Es ist auch Teil der Leadership- Entwicklung im Institut Sommer. Klicken Sie hier für mehr.... Read more is a method that has long since found its way into business. It can be applied in a range of situations; it is suitable as a marketing instrument, for communication or presentation training, and can also be used for designing texts, films and advertising approaches. Storytelling has the task of creating a text that moves the readers and enthuses them for something. In this workshop, we start an experiment. You are the protagonist of the story that you yourself write. In this way you experience all the high and low points of your story. You, as the protagonist, take the reins and inspire yourself to tell an authentic story that touches the reader.

Storytelling sets free undreamed-of power.

According to the motto that ‘paper is patient’, the story of your own champion’s journey will be written during this workshop – yes, a complete story from start to finish. You are the protagonist, that is, the main character around whom the story is built. You either take on a role in the story, or you yourself are the narrator of a thrilling tale. In storytelling, you discover a lot about yourself, overcome limitations and gain experience of the process of professional writing. You attain a sense of the potential contained in your story. Some of the participants in the most recent workshop decided to publish the story that developed during the session as a little book.


Following the process-oriented storytelling method

Playfully overcoming existing boundaries

Creative writing

In writing the story, you go beyond your boundaries

Transferring this skill into an entrepreneurial tool for producing publications

Workshop Special 2019

Storytelling becomes LEADER's History: The exposure of the positive leader

This year the storytelling workshop will be a special experience. Oriented towards the development of the participants, the path of your hero takes on new forms.

In this October workshop we dedicate ourselves to the nature of your inner LEADER. Do you want to use the qualities of your LEADER and make your professional profile unique? Then take advantage of this workshop and become aware of the inner blockages and negative behaviors that still prevent you from living your natural LEADER existence. In this leadership seminar you will also be able to see how the power of your inner LEADER interacts with the power of your archetype.

Recognize the power of the positive leader and connect it with your own archetype.

This former storytelling, now special LEADERSHIP workshop familiarizes you with the power of the positive leader and strengthens your path to becoming a conscious leader. Therefore, this executive and entrepreneur seminar pursues three overriding goals:

  1. Discussion of and removal from the inner ‘negative adversary’.
  2. Uncovering the positive leader and strengthening the archetype.
  3. Basic work on your LEADER’s natural.

In addition to working on your inner leader, you will also continue to work on your archetype. The LEADERSHIP seminar integrates the archetype work into the LEADERSHIP work according to Anke Sommer. This combination sharpens your entrepreneurial, professional profile and supports you in following your positive abilities and your own strengths in a natural way.

Your life in the positive depends solely on your decision.

The seminar will make you aware of how strong the LEADERSHIP natural is if you live it consistently. It makes it clear that the LEADER’s Natural is sociological, i.e. it encompasses everything you have learned so far. The Leader is your basis. The lived archetype gives your actions a certain peculiarity. You become unique.

This means the other way round:

Without consciousness there is no clear life of the archetypes. Without consciousness there is also no clear life of the LEADER’s Natural. Since the unconscious nature is the sum of what has been learned, it is full of old, trained influences. The non-promoting influences must come from the nature so that it can be lived positively.

This LEADERSHIP seminar completes the separation of the old and the destructive, so that the crown of one's own being can be put on. Old negative patterns and blockages will be separated this weekend from the primeval form of the archetypes and the primeval form of your LEADER's natural.

The question is not who you want to be.
It's who you are.

“LEADER’s History”, the writing of your own story, takes place when you implement what is inside you and live by the positive standards.

In fact, you can only live your leader, your hero, if you are aware of yourself. Only then can you distinguish between destructive and constructive behaviour.

The process of becoming aware makes it possible for you to live the positive and to separate from the negative. Thus the step into the heart takes place. All following actions come from the heart and are heroic. From this moment on Leader’s History lives.

Integrating your archetype into your LEADER’s Natural is about becoming aware of the power of your archetype, which is much older than your current social learning, and making it usable.
A packed leadership seminar awaits you.

Walking on the trail of LEADER's History shows you how a conscious leader works and acts. You will meet the hero you are aware of.

You understand what positive power you have and by what simple means you come into this power. A personality whose LEADER’s Natural is no longer determined by your past negative socialization is powerful. What stands in your way are merely your blockades.