„There is a force that really works and is always in me. It is the deep force of my individuality in practice. “

– Anke Sommer

Life's work

Anke Sommer has been working as a consultant since 1991. Since the founding of the INSTITUT SOMMER, which focuses on both team and personal development, she has been able to help a large number of companies, teams and individuals take the step towards more conscious living, using not only familiar paths but also her own ways of addressing concerns on a one-to-one basis.

The foundation for her expertise was something she was literally born with, as she grew up as a twin and discovered for herself the extraordinary ways in which life takes shape. It is no surprise, then, that her diploma thesis addressed the topic of twin and symbiosis research. Her interest in the development of humans and systems was sparked very early on in life; in fact she has been drawn to books about interpersonal relations since the age of eight.

Body signal work

Anke focuses on body signals. Her research into this topic in Switzerland and Berlin, as well as her research in the field of systemic crisis intervention at Columbia University in New York, form a vital part of the basis for the design and development of a short-term crisis intervention programme for the Berlin Senate on the establishment and stabilising of family structures. It is from this that she developed her thoughts on how to clean up systems.

She still has an impact today thanks to the wide reach of her work across and beyond Germany, and her activities help improve interpersonal processes in the business sector.

Coaching principles

Anke Sommer brings fun and joy to the fore, regardless of the work at hand. She is committed to quality and individually tailored approaches to her clients’ projects, thereby turning each one into a unique event. The INSTITUT SOMMER avoids mass products and uniform methods and instead develops individual solutions for the diverse range of questions and problems that occur. The institute’s work is based on the following principles:

Helping clients take action. Away with playing the victim! Away with powerlessness and the inability to act! We grow, with our clients, beyond our limitations. Taking visions beyond the mind and putting them into practice. Keeping an eye on positivity. An action is only positive if the consequences are, too. Changing rigid systems and restoring the natural dynamic of a vibrant organisation in companies.

Research work

Analysis and development of conflict management strategies for symbiotic syndromes

Interpretation and transfer of evolution research in the field of contact/distance and territorial behaviour in social and co-operative relationships

Interplay of empathic ability and psychosomatics

Systemic analysis of body signal research and its impact on the development of body outlines

Evaluation project on intercultural family support

Research into multicultural system theory and practice

The shaping of life à la ‘Two Times Lotte’ on the basis of symbiotic relationships between twins

Conflict management strategies in social relationships and their implementation in emotional communication

Coaching Blog