Conflict management

Remove conflicts - don’t suppress them! Conflict management means becoming aware of conflict impacts.

By changing the way you deal with conflicts, you no longer enter into them. You realise what you must do to ensure that conflicts aren’t viewed as a natural part of company life. Conflict management means gaining a conscious approach to dealing with conflicts. Everything that feeds conflicts is gradually removed from the company bit by bit. This enables you to develop more freely, while the conflict leaves the company.

Only change things that you can influence directly!

The criterion for our work is feasibility. If one of your concerns can’t be realised, we work with you to develop a strategy that gives you access to an option for direct action.

In overcoming conflicts, all the changes aimed for are implemented through changes in your own actions and behaviour. Don’t let conflicts paralyse your company.

Conflict management according to the SOMMER Method

When it comes to detoxifying conflicts, we apply the SOMMER Method – a sociological, action-oriented concept. Among other things, the method pursues an approach using the positive power that you only gain when you’re in touch with yourself and your feelings. You detoxify the conflict by disengaging yourself from the negative emotions involved, enabling you to regain your true power to act.