june 2021

19.06–20.06.2021Leadership Work with Systemic Patterns - system theory according to Anke SommerLEADERSHIP-Coaching Workshop(All Day) INSTITUT SOMMEREvent Type :LEADERSHIP Coaching Workshops


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The Outdoor Facilitation LEADERSHIP Coaching workshop focuses on the experience of community, under the aspect of leadership. What am I in the collective? How much collective do I permit? How does the collective affect me and my leadership? The Outdoor Facilitation LEADERSHIP Coaching workshop sets tasks that are not feasible alone. Mastering these tasks together enriches your own body awareness, that is, your somatic memory, with the information that you need in order to work successfully in the collective. In this way, we grow together beyond our personal limits. The goal of the Outdoor Facilitation workshop is to become consciously aware of the success community as a principle and to accept this as a concept for success. As a result, we can free ourselves from the negative factors of going it alone. In this way, (business) success is less likely to lead to burnout. This module focuses on group processes, on synergies and on success-promoting factors in your own environment. Tasks are set that can only be completed in the group. In mastering these tasks, you grow beyond your own limitations. The goal is to become conscious of your own success community and to build it up. Participants actually experience how co-operation can be assessed and steered towards building a success community. This module takes place outdoors in natural surroundings. We will be happy to inform you about the specific content of the leadership- coaching workshop "Outdoor Facilitation Adventure" by email or klick here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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june 19 (Saturday) - 20 (Sunday)



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