A person with a calling in the mythological sense follows his/her deepest talent, the talent that everyone possesses from childhood onwards. If this person discovers and develops it, he/she automatically follows his/her calling. This vocation is based on an ability that is ultimately the talent itself. This single ability is deeply familiar to the bearer, though it often appears inconspicuous, because the person who possesses it is so familiar with it. The more controlled a person’s way of perceiving the world around them, the further he or she is from practising that talent. Awareness of the ability brings this person closer to the boundary that distorts his or her sensing their respective skill. People who follow their core skill never compete with another, as their calling is so unique when combined with personality that it makes them incomparable. They cannot be copied or imitated because no one else possesses this core ability. Those who receive their calling know their deep skill and everything they do is built on it. They combine their cognitive level, their minds, with the impacts of the body and those of somatic impulses, so they bring mind and instinct together. If they follow the task assigned to them both deliberately and amicably, you recognise them in the fullness and richness of their lives. You can read more about the LEADERSHIP Workshop ‘Find Your Calling’ here.