The legend of the champion is as old as human existence on Earth. All around the world, people are developing themselves in accordance with the stages of a Champion’s JourneyThe term ‘Champion’s Journey’ conceals a depiction of personality development in around 12 steps and implies a champion potential in everyone.... Read more. The term ‘Champion’s Journey’ therefore conceals a depiction of personality development in around 12 steps, and according to this line of thinking there is champion potential in everyone. Failure to pursue this potential merely gives rise to repeated urges to do so. Only those who pursue this potential and use it for the benefit of others pass through these 12 development steps.

The development steps can even be seen in fairy tales, myths and films. Joseph Campbell, who was born in the State of New York in 1904 and lived until 1987, worked in mythology and authored numerous books on the subject. He recorded the internationally consistent stages of the development of a Champion and in doing so helped shape the body of thought on the Champion’s Journey.

Overview of the 12 stages of the Champion’s Journey

  1. The starting point is the ordinary world of the Champion
  2. The Champion is called to adventure
  3. This call is mostly refused
  4. A mentor then convinces/helps him to start the journey and the adventure begins
  5. The Champion crosses the first threshold, after which there is no turning back
  6. He then faces the first tests and in doing so meets allies and enemies
  7. He now approaches the inmost cave and meets the enemy
  8. The key test takes place here: confrontation with and overcoming the enemy
  9. The Champion is rewarded by seizing the treasure or elixir, for example
  10. He now takes the road back, during which time the Champion is resurrected
  11. This resurrection is necessary, as through the adventure the Champion has matured into a new personality