Conflict-fuelling factors are life circumstances that promote the emergence of disputes. A few examples of conflict-fuelling factors in group companies, businesses and enterprises of all sizes are:

  1. Stress
  2. Hectic pace
  3. Pressure, time pressure
  4. Unexplained hierarchy/status
  5. Personal indifference, e.g. person who ‘plays it safe’ meets ‘risk-taker’
  6. Unclear communication
  7. Lack of promotional possibilities and prospects
  8. Role-specific differences
  9. Scheming atmosphere
  10. ‘Dog-eat-dog’ society
  11. Bullying climate
  12. BurnoutA Burnout can lead to a life-threatening situation, as the mind and all the organs are deprived of their necessary downtime.... Read more system
  13. Looming company insolvency
  14. Uncertainty
  15. Power struggles
  16. Unclear power positions; dual leaderships are particularly vulnerable
  17. Conflict loops, recurring basic conflict
  18. Lost balance
  19. Lack of debate culture
  20. Unexplained multicultural factors