For INSTITUT SOMMERINSTITUT SOMMER is not only the name of our company, but also the expression of the approach we take towards the requests we receive. Read more here.... Read more, the term ‘event’ means facilitating an unforgettable experience, which is why for us the word implies the possibility of designing a memorable event from all areas of the Institut Sommer programme. For example, a consulting session may become an event in the same way as the requested lecture. In event design we proceed with a love of detail. We see every request as unique and we treat and satisfy it in a unique way. Rather than offering event management to cater for the masses, our speciality is our caring approach to fulfilling every request in a customised, needs-oriented way – even when it comes to large groups and teams. And instead of eroding energy, as is often the case in the events sector, we think a great deal about how our initiatives can maintain and preserve the strengths of everyone involved. For us, ‘event’ also means adopting a holistic approach. Changes can be positively embedded through fun and joy, so we design events on the basis of facilitating entrepreneurial change processes. This is why we see events as an opportunity to inject cheer into the process of effecting the desired change in company dynamics.