The events we arrange should be of long-term benefit in addition to being fun for participants. For us, long-term benefit is achieved if the event brings about changes in everyday working life and resolves things that are considered to be debilitating and negative. This is why events are individually designed for each client, as each customer has different needs to fulfil. In terms of event management, this means no standardised events, i.e. the facilitation of a joyful change to positivity rather than entertainment for the masses and the organisation of such. For us, good event management is achieved if customers not only receive the service they ordered but also if we stood shoulder-to-shoulder with customers in the planning stage – as change process experts with tips. At Institut Sommer, event management involves designing the content and concept of the planned initiative, executing it and, if desired, following it up. Here is where we adopt a different approach to traditional event managers, as we are always looking for possible positive changes in the team and group. This is the key aspect of event management for us – managing an unforgettable experience for the benefit of joyful change processes.