If you have a headache, do you continue working because there’s so much to do? Do you take headache pills so that you can operate quickly again without thinking about the signal the headache is giving? If so, then you’re on the way to an unhealthy career. A healthy career is based on a self-perception of being successful without paying the price with one’s own health. Career means being successful, however that success is defined. Health means protecting the functionality of one’s own body rather than jeopardising it with any particular action. Our body needs full energy for the processes taking place within it. Sufficient sleep, a balanced, healthy diet, plenty of exercise and enough regeneration phases are only part of what it takes to protect one’s health. The other part consists of care for one’s own body, precisely in a careerist’s stressful everyday life. This care includes the ability to provide for oneself first in order to then be able to fulfil one’s duties.