The Champion’s PathDer Heldenweg beschreibt den Weg in Ihre Begabung bzw. Berufung. Der Held lebt seit der Geburt in Ihnen. Es gilt ihn wieder zu entdecken und zu entwickeln.... Read more starts with the awareness of your innate deficit, which then serves as the signpost to your Champion’s Path. Everything you lack shows you where the hero in you is not allowed to live. To find the Champion, you first need to step out of your comfort zone. The heroic side of you has been living in you since birth. It inspires, leads and guides you. It is a wonderful thing to embark on the Champion’s Path oneself, and this means opening up, developing and empowering your inner Champion in the course of your life. If you pursue this development then you’re on the Champion’s Path. This development path is taken together in the LEADERSHIP Workshop series. The Champion in you embodies your deepest ability, your biggest talent and your intuitive acumen. It is your instinct rather than your learned knowledge that leads you to your deepest form of existence. You overcome the rigidity of your mind and bring your heart into your life. The culmination of the Champion’s Path is the opening of the heart, a phase that includes the most intensive processes in personality development. The audio book “Your Champion’s JourneyThe term ‘Champion’s Journey’ conceals a depiction of personality development in around 12 steps and implies a champion potential in everyone.... Read more Begins – Audio Book by the Institut Sommer in Berlin” is available here.