september 2019

11.09–11.09.2019MasterMind September- Business development: Future-oriented decisionsin Berlin1:00 pm - 6:00 pm INSTITUT SOMMEREvent Type :MASTER PLAN Leadership


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Entrepreneurs and managers are fully committed to the systemic development of their business. Do you as an entrepreneur want to act as flexibly as possible? And you can rely on your intuition? Within the framework of our MasterMind Business Development you will learn to manage this. Within the business development group, we develop methodical approaches that are precisely tailored to your needs - with the aim of increasing your personal liquidity. To achieve this, you work on your business concept based on your long-term and medium-term goals. As in the leadership seminars of the LEADERSHIP Business School and the LEADERSHIP Coaching Workshops, we follow the systemic-sociological approach of Anke Sommer in the MasterMind groups. On the one hand, this means that you take full responsibility for yourself and your company. Even for everything that is not (yet) running. On the other hand, this means that your company has the highest priority and its needs are superior to yours. On this basis it is much easier for you to recognise which aspects are still hampering your company's natural stream of success. Together, these obstacles to success are identified and solved. Anke Sommer moderates the MasterMind Group - Business Development and gives helpful, in-depth input. Thanks to her profiling skills, Anke Sommer recognizes exactly what you as a business person needs to change in order for your company to grow. Your entrepreneurial specialization is also on the agenda. Systemic business development therefore also includes moving more and more in the direction of being unrivalled. In a community of other entrepreneurs and those with responsibility, we strive for the shortest way to achieve goals and develop the relevant measures. The MasterMind - Business Development is characterised by high speed and high-quality input, which pushes you to think beyond your existing borders.

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