october 2020

30.10–31.10.2020Leadership Seminarin Berlin(All Day) INSTITUT SOMMEREvent Type :LEADERSHIP Business School


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The LEADERSHIP Seminar is an important building block in the LEADERSHIP workshop series. It focuses intensely on issues relating to process work and personality development according to Anke Sommer. In this LEADERSHIP Seminar, the emphasis is on immersing ourselves cognitively in leadership work as well as transferring theoretical content to our own professional and private situation. At the same time, information that has already emerged during the somatic modules can also be integrated on the intellectual level. You can look forward to encountering a mixture of new and experienced participants, and to further developing your champion! What you can expect from this workshop module? You will find that each individual participant finds their own access to systemic work according to Anke Sommer, based on the assumption that everyone has a special ability and strength that needs to be discovered and developed. This ability forms a core aspect of the whole Leadership work process, because the processes of change that take place are aimed at living your own individuality ever more intensely, under the guidance of your own core ability. Put aside your old, restrictive patterns of living and take the decision to lead a free, self-determined life! In this Leadership seminar, fledglings are taken under Anke Sommer’s wing and supported in the work of recognising their own ability. Those who are already aware of their ability can build on the state of development they have already reached. In other words, each participant starts from a different point, which encourages a free approach to putting theory into practice. You’re met at whatever stage you’ve reached and can apply the material to your own personal context. What’s more, this module’s combination of new and experienced champions offers excellent opportunities for an exciting exchange of views. Newcomers bring a breath of fresh air into the group and their stories offer fresh viewpoints that can be of benefit even to experienced participants who in turn offer other participants a certain degree of orientation, thanks to the development they’ve already achieved, and can work alongside and support the others. Wherever you currently stand, register now for the LEADERSHIP Workshop: LEADERSHIP Seminar and Practical Application and benefit both from Anke Sommer’s comprehensive knowledge and from the work with other participants, expanding your horizons by talking to others as thirsty for knowledge as you are. The LEADERSHIP Seminar is a specialised further training course. Theory is communicated and put into practice in every module. Please make sure that you check the seminar dates and times in good time. We will be happy to inform you about the topic and content of the LEADERSHIP Seminar by email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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