december 2019

28.12–31.12.2019FeaturedRough Nights Berlin 2019LEADERSHIP- TRIP(All Day) +02:00 INSTITUT SOMMEREvent Type :LEADERSHIP Reisen


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Concluding the old and starting the new

This LEADERSHIP coaching travel concludes old patterns and opens a door to a positive view of things. The participants focus on the goals that they really want to be. They leave the space that restricts, cramps and prevents development. Old processes are brought to a close. This enables beneficial processes and the achievement of goals that are not possible in an obstructive environment. This coaching travel “rough nights Berlin 2019” promotes your rethinking, new thinking and gives you the strength to implement it. It relieves your mind and strengthens your physical well-being. The journey serves to strengthen your creative power.

Conscious closure of the year 2019 and orientation for the new year 2020

Essentially, you benefit from the conscious conclusion of the old year and the preparation of the new year. By preparing for the year 2020, you determine the orientation of the year 2020, as you work on your attitude and attitude for the future year. Read more here:

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Info-Phone: 030 - 500 140 36

1297,00 € plus VAT plus accomondation/ meals


december 28 (Saturday) - 31 (Tuesday) +02:00



Berliner Allee 81, 13088 Berlin