october 2020

17.10–18.10.2020Training course on the delimitation of ‘I’-destructive energies(All Day) INSTITUT SOMMEREvent Type :LEADERSHIP Coaching Workshops


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  LEADERSHIP Coaching Workshop for entrepreneurs, managers and self-employed people as well as artists, medical doctors, politicians and every person interested in developing him- or herself. Take the chance and learn to know the difference between your ego-motivated actions and those actions which emerge from your 'I'. Help your mind to reconnect with your 'I' and to build a strong unit together. Increase your awareness that you are most capable of managing private and professional challanges only when your mind's open, willing to grow and friendly. It's the only state of mind that allows you to connect with your I. Therefore we will provide you with a training course on the delimitation of (internal and external) 'I'-destructive energies and give you the space and techniques to discover and to empower your 'I' step by step. We will be happy to inform you about the specific content of this leadership-coaching workshop by email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Info-Phone: 030 - 500 140 36

599.00 EUR + VAT., without board and lodging


october 17 (Saturday) - 18 (Sunday)



Berliner Allee 81, 13088 Berlin