The classification of people into concepts of type is a basic part of human thinking. The Artist archetype is one of the typological orientations and is mentioned in the Enneagram (ancient Greek for ‘something written’). Artists are capable of touching the world like no other archetype. Their gift lies in the fusion of feelings and communication. This is their power, to touch and thereby change. Regardless of whether they opt for the positive and light side, or the negative and dark one, they influence the masses. If they pursue good, then this is what they make public. The same is true if they take the darker path. This is their access to power. If they connect with their hearts, their feelings, then they will achieve a lot of good, as developed Artist archetypes cannot bypass publicity. Even if they work in secret, their words find their way into the public domain. Artists therefore bear a heavy responsibility, as their work influences one or the other side, the good side or the bad, the loving or the destructive side of people. For Artists, the core issue is the decision for the positive or the negative, as this decision determines the direction in which their strength and power works. More in-depth information about the archetypes is provided in the LEADERSHIP Workshop ‘Recognising and Practising Leadership Types’.