Leadership Coaching Workshop 08


Leadership Principle:

Identifying and living out leadership archetypes.

Leadership archetypes are derived from the basic typologies into which people are classified. Archetypes are a classification of ways of thinking and behaving. Recognising your own typology promotes your understanding of yourself and further develops your leadership personality, both on the facilitation level and in terms of personality development. Basically the focus is on understanding your archetype in order to integrate all its positive aspects into your life. Great personal and social tasks are immanent in every archetype. Problems that you repeatedly experience in your life can often be attributed to the fact that you are not utilising your archetype.

Developing your archetype.

The archetype is a leadership model. Each of the nine archetypes contains a different type of leadership potential. In this workshop, we find and follow this potential, depending on the place you have currently reached in your development. The basic form of the classification into nine groups is based on the assumption that every individual has a main typological form. With the aid of this identification model, you can develop your archetype. The first step leads you to recognise your current stage of development. The second step enables you to grasp what needs to be done in order to live this archetype. The third and fourth steps develop you further and enable you to put your new-found knowledge into practice. Once you have understood your archetype, you appear more authentic in your actions. You also recognise your unpopular aspects as part of yourself, but after the development in the workshop you will only live out the positive side.


Finding or (if you have already found it) developing your archetype

Disabling the negative properties of the archetype

Taking ownership of the archetype’s power

Learning to deal with other people’s archetypes

Transferring this to your current professional situation